What to do in Yangon Burma

Things to do in Yangon Burma

Bath in gold in the Shwedagon Pagoda. Shwedagon Paya, as it is also called, is the symbol of the city - if not Burma - and for good reason. Loose Yourself In Downtown Yangon. Explore the former capital of Myanmar (Burma) by exploring the pagodas, markets and local dishes for a day and a half. Trip.

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Sights in Yangon, Burma

Full of color, mayhem, hectic pace and hecticness, Yangon is home to some of the most inviting individuals you will ever be with. It is a multifaceted town, from the bustling inner cities stands and cafes to quiet, verdant districts with upscale homes and boutiques. There are spacious parklands, ponds and lawns, while shimmering peaks of pagodas sparkle above the tree and relatively low building.

Every trip to Burma will certainly take some quality travel to Yangon (and if not, take another look at your itinerary). Shwedagon Paya, as it is also called, is the town' s icon - if not Burma - and for good reasons. Gilded and covered with diamonds, the breathtaking Yangon setting is evident and no visitor is without a few hours there.

The Bogyoke Aung San Museum and the National Museum of Myanmar are two places that are well deserving of your visit to explore Burma's riches. The Aung San is celebrated as the founder of contemporary Myanmar, not to speak of the founder of the National League for Democracy and famous campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi.

It commemorates the deceased general's death with a collection of talks, documents, photographs and belongings and is located in his house before his murder in 1947. Myanmar National Museums looks at the nation's entire past and present with one of the world' s greatest artefact and relic collection on the evolving civilization, arts and civilization.

Go through the ages and see how Burma has become the land it is today. Myanmar did not play a minor role in the Second World War, as the more than 6,000 Allied tombs in the war graveyard of Taukkyan (also known as Htauk Kyant) quickly show. The graveyard is situated about an hours northern of the city centre of Yangon, but is definitely a worthwhile trip.

Well-groomed, tranquil, a permanent homage to those who have been killed, many are struggling far away from home, in the jungle of Burma. Three memorial sites recall, among other things, the almost 27,000 troops who were killed in military expeditions in Burma without a known tomb.

Lake Kandawgyi is not far from Shwedagon Pagoda and is home to the slightly surroundal Karaweik Palace (a large, apparently hovering golden building that is now a restaurant) and a natural reserve loved by indigenous people. One of the highlights of any Yangon trip is to plunge into the surprising green grid-like road system of Yangon city centre, most of which are handy and numbered ( "New York style") and expand unexpectedly when you put your perfect mapping path into use.

It is the wacky, messy side of Yangon, which calms down very quickly from 10 pm and is home to some genuine jewels to eat, sleep and go to the store. In Yangon there is a store, a store, a market, a booth and a booth for every price, but it would be difficult to find two better places to buy your memorabilia than the socially responsible company Pomelo and the treasury of the Yangoods Treasury.

Meanwhile, at Yangoods you'll find your piece of Burma antique with strong, light coloured printing that offers a colorful glimpse into the past, with reproductions of everything from pillowcases and note pads to stickers, jewelry boxes and more. Mingalar is more café than ristorante and specializes in steaming and steaming portions of sauerkraut.

Mingalar will also serve some really good doughnuts, which, quite intimidating, are taped together in a big round so you can grow them one by one. Rangoon Tea House is a sophisticated, air-conditioned, WiFi finished haven amidst the hustle and bustle of Yangon city centre. Whilst the rotten plaid and scrolling monochrome movie that reveals old Rangoon living take you back in history, the plain décor, the lay-out and the current menus seem decidedly fashionable.

The meals are generous and mix aromas from Burma, India and other countries, while the drinks are fresh and powerful. Rangoon Teahouse is an indispensable treat whether for breakfasts, brunches, coffees or good sundowner.

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