What to do in Rangoon Burma

Things to do in Rangoon Burma

Enjoy Myanmar's local cuisine. Have a break in the Kandawgi Nature Park. I sit in a taxi from Yangon International Airport to my guesthouse, my eyes scurry between the windows and try to capture the essence immediately. Name Rangoon and most people will immediately think of the Shwedagon Pagoda, no surprise. But Yangon has so much more to offer.

Sights in Yangon / Rangoon

Forecasts and weather..... Would you like to make day trips in Yangon / Rangoon? This is a list of all the sights in Yangon / Rangoon. Radius: Look in the results: Would you like to make day trips in Yangon / Rangoon? This is a list of all the sights in Yangon / Rangoon.

Things to do in Yangon

It is said that the Shwedagon is visible from all over Myanmar, but this probably has more to do with the faith of Burma's believers.

Exclusively built by the country's former UK colonizers, the resort is home to the US Embassy, the Yangon Sailing Club and the home where Aung San Suu Kyi lived her years under home detention. People in Burma like shopping and nowhere else but on Bogyoke Aung San Market, a huge cobbled street market hidden behind a pink UK fa├žade.

You' re eating with your foot on Nineteenth Avenue. You' ll probably sniff it before you see it, but that's part of the attraction of 19 st - or the China BBQ lane, as the overwhelming tourist calls it. Between the messy streets of Maha Bandoola and Anawrahta Roads, this small lane has developed into a nocturnal lane of eating places dotted with knee-high sculptural chairs and tafl.

Be inspired by George Orwell's Burmese Days. At one point, every Myanmar tourist wandered around Yangon and clutched the Orwell classs.

Although the writer of Animal Farm and was announced in 1984 in the north of Mandalay during his time in the nation, his impressive writing about Burma has made a lasting impression on the imagination of many visitors. Orwell' s age is best seen in the former capitol by taking a walk around the town centre to see more than 20 historical monuments dating back to the end of the nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

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