What to do in Naypyidaw

Things to do in Naypyidaw

See; Doing; Buying; Eating; Sleeping.

"But Naypyidaw is not what it seems. You can visit local tourist attractions such as the National Park, the Zoological Garden, the Safari Park and the famous Uppatasanti Pagoda. Best things in Naypyitaw, Myanmar with photos, attraction map and a detailed guide. area and the fact that money is spent on urban infrastructure (e.g. lighting around lakes), although the facilities are not used much.

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Nay Pyi Taw (???????????; a translated version is'Royal city of the Sun') is a spacious, shabbily built town, with eight-lane motorways, 24-hour power, malls, administrative and hotel facilities, ministries and generals' houses. Aside from the road blocks protecting the streets to the generals' manors, ministries and parliaments, it is unexpectedly open.

Visiting some of its attractions, as well as a huge gold-plated pit, allows you to mix with the local people while investing a buck or two in the business. You will be met by our courteous chauffeur at 8am in your Nay Pyi Taw City lobby. We start with a photostop at Nay Pyi Taw Town Hall.

Then we continue to the Uppatasanti Pagoda, the heartland of Nay Pyi Taw. It' s enormous, nice and clearly a very good replication of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Following the early hours of the day, we start in the 400 hectare National Landmark Garden. You will be able to experience the lifestyle of the locals on the way.

National Landmark Gardens is a miniaturized representation of the states and territories of the Republic of Myanmar. Smaller version of the country's most popular sights such as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, Ngapali Beach and Inle Lake, where we stop for dinner at a nearby restuarant and then drive to the zoo and Nay Pyi Taw Safari.

Next we will be visiting the Senate (Luttaw) view, followed by Myoma Markets, a traditional regional supermarket with a selection of locally produced products.

Naypyidaw activities in Naypyidaw

Since 2005 Naypyidaw is the main town of Burma / Myanmar. It is a one-of-a-kind town, as it is a fully developed metropolis, but has very few residents in comparison to its population. This was a specially erected town, where mainly civil servants and other civil servants lived. Naypyidaw's main attraction are gardens, restaurants and shops.

As a large town, it sees fewer visitors than many other places in the state. When you choose to travel through Burma / Myanmar you can look forward to the following: Naypyidaw is the largest animal sanctuary in Burma / Myanmar.

It' a great place for family and travelers who want to spend a relaxing time. Situated in the immediate vicinity of the Zoological Garden, the planetarium is simple to mix and match and can be visited on the same time. One of the most striking symbols of the town.

This is the seat of the Urban Affairs, Urban Affairs, Research and Regulatory Group. One of the city's most beloved buildings and one of the main attractions in Naypyidaw is the imposing arched arch that announces the entry to this gorge. It is a nice area of greenery in the town, it is easily seen why it is a favourite place for leisure.

Situated near the town of Kyweshin on Lake Ngalaik, about 11 km from the town. There are waterslides, nature reserves and a sandy beaches - a rather uncommon sight given the jungles! Naypyidaw Spring is near the town of Taungkya. Constructed in 2009 as a landmark of the new town, it is only 30 cm short than the famed and glittering Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Naypyidaw is also home to the Gem Museum, Naypyidaw Myoma Market and National Herbal Park.

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