What to do in Myanmar

Things to do in Myanmar

This process can take up to two weeks. They must reach Myanmar through international airports, not across the border. So, what do you have to do with my list of things in Mandalay? So, if you're in Myanmar, do like the Burmese do. Some good ideas on where to go on weekends in Myanmar.

Which are Myanmar's best experiences?

In Myanmar, it's not just about the temple and the sundown. Walk to Hsipaw country towns, sip tasty shan pasta on the roads of Yangon, explore lonely southern shores and creep through Hpa An lime-cave. Myanmar's tourist industry is on the rise. Select your transportation options intelligently, slowly travelling to take advantage of everything, select your own companies to put your funds back into the pocket of the natives, and do your best to prevent unethical tourist use.

Begin your plans now, Myanmar's best-kept mysteries won't remain a mystery for long. Observing the sun rise over the temple of Bagan is a real treasure for most travellers, but there are two ways to do so. You can either take the luxurious way of ballooning or take an e-bike to get near the temple (but not too near, these UNESCO approved temple won't last forever if you kick them).

If you are travelling outside this time or cannot fully affordable, there are many places with breathtaking views and easy access by e-bike (US $5$10/day). Driving on this itinerary may not be the closest option - busses make the journey in six hrs as opposed to 12 on the riverbank - but it is the best way to explore the countryside along the rivers.

In the afternoons, many of our yachts stop in the riverbank towns, such as Yandabo, a historical city known for its pottery and other goods made of fluorite. You can watch the children play and swim in the water, the peasants taking care of their land and the fishers catching the game. At the base of snow-capped hills and along the Duthawadi Riviera in the north of Myanmar, you' ll walk through paddy farms to find old paya's, wild water sources and roaring creeks.

When you go there in the early afternoons or early mornings, you will see local people who often relax in the hot waters. The Dotting Inle Lakes are the notorious single handed fishermen* who control their vessels by winding one foot around the rudder. Soak up the day's fishing in one of the stilted eateries rising above the lakes.

When you watch Myanmar sunset, this is a place you can include on the shortlist. Hiking to Inle Lake from Kalaw will take you to the wildlife of Myanmar and take you back to the underwater world. From Inle Lake you can hike directly to the former British Hill Station of Kalaw.

At the other side you will find a hidden sea with roses, where a small wood boat will bring you back under the hills. A 16-hour coach ride from Yangon to Dawei to get off the footpath and retreat to the Tropics of Myanmar. In order to get to truly pristine shores and fishermen's towns, you should hire a motorcycle to visit the Dawei-Penninsula.

Myanmar's response to Thailand's Songkran is the Thingyan Waters Fest, which takes place during Burma's New Year (usually in mid-April) and is a great Tibetan Buddha school. It' a huge battle in which crowds are throwing at each other with running waters from every ship they can find.

Others use cookware and others have solid rubber cans! On the way to Myanmar? Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice! As long as you exercise caution, show due regard to all your visiting community and keep up to date with hazardous "no-go zones" to prevent hassle, you will undoubtedly plan another journey back before you depart.

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