What to do in Mae Sot

Things you can do in Mae Sot

Activities near Mae Sot Airport, Mae Sot on TripAdvisor: Travel guide to the sights in Mae Sot. The Mae Sot is an amazing destination in terms of what it offers visitors. The best things in Mae Sot, Thailand with photos, attraction map & a detailed guide. Take your holiday to Mae Sot shaken and stirred.

These are things that you can do in Mae Sot if you are not a Do-Gooder and feel guilty about it somehow: part 1

So when I go out of Thailand and folks ask me what my period here was like, I will summarize it in one sentence: I saw a bunch of awesome water, had lots of tasty meals, hang out with a bunch of great guys at the end. Seriously, this exactly described my whole stay in Thailand (ok, not ALL my stay in Thailand, but some things are personal, people!).

Mae Sot has adapted to the form, although Mae Sot is different from any Thai city I have been to. It is located on the Burmese boarder and has an interesting mixture of Burmese NGO staff from abroad, Thais, Burmese and other Burmese tribes such as the Karen. It is my second trip to Mae Sot to see my girlfriend Sarah, and while she is working I am on a voyage of discovery, enjoying a lot of meals and cafés.

Who am I, someone with a fucking gig? Have you the hidden wish to dress fishing trousers without being ironic and not washing your bristles regularly? In my completely informally survey of the persons I have seen and addressed in a few short working hours, the immigrant community in Mae Sot consists mainly of NGO staff and voluntary work.

There are many who are extreme handsome, make-up-less, young, energetic and zealous men who, without being ironic, are wearing slithery fishing trousers and talking about how to change the face of the earth so seriously that they want to embrace it and save it from the unavoidable frustrations of the face of the earth. Bangkok usually limits these folks to the Khao San Road where they can have awful khao shark pads, bucket of white water and Red Bull and discuss how great Thailand is.

Bangkok has a largely professionally trained group of expatriates who work in the town. In Bangkok I generally try to look like a regular person and try to put on make-up and sometimes heel. Mae Sot, however... I hug my 20-year-old inner filthy hippie. Every night I have the same filthy shorts (shorts, brits, shorts!), I have my fur in a roll, no make-up, and I have these great headdresses that I usually just use on the shore or for walking.

You know what? Not even feeling ugly while I would be the greatest bitch on the bloc in Bangkok in these performances. Snoopy cup while he listens to someone talking (but looks introspective)! p.s. I'm sure there are a lot of professionals here, and obviously not everyone is a hippie, but it's more fun!

Note that I did not say that you can actually come to Burma from Mae Sot. You can see Burma from Mae Sot! In the past you could have crossed the viaduct and gone to Burma, but Burma shut down the frontier in 2010. This building is located in Burma, directly opposite the rivers. When I lived in Japan, I had a bicycle that I used to ride through the town, as many do.

Walking around the crowd I rang my bells with great joy. You might think that I would take my own way in Bangkok if I were riding a motorbike cab without a crash helmet, but I would really be committing suicide if I were cycling through this town.

Damn, guys, cycling through this whole fucking village is a lot of pleasure. Ooh, hold on, they were all folks in MAE SOT who did this. Thailand's roaming dog strain is about fivefold that of the nation itself. PACKAGES of miserable, poorly nourished, miserable puppies wander the roads and sometimes disturb innocent Canadians like my girlfriend Sarah.

She doesn't usually carry her own mackerel patch, so the dog doesn't know to let her alone and hack on Americans like the whole wide open country. However, Sarah must fight routine against dog lovers who follow her by bicycle and pinch her ankles as she tries to drive home.

Sarah wins the fight so far, but she's scared that it's only a question of getting lost. She' s too beautiful to touch, though, Soi-Dogs! This is all to say that if you want to get your epi going and have some fights with wandering strays, you should make a journey to Mae Sot.

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