What to do in Kalaw

Things you can do in Kalaw

Explore the best things in Kalaw, including Thu Maung Restaurant, Red House, Hi Snack & Drink. The activities listed below are designed to help you decide what to do in Kalaw. One-day hike around Kalaw. Extensive and up-to-date information about the sights and activities in Kalaw.

Main activities in Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma)

One of the most beloved, long-lived, sociable Nepalese restaurants, it offers delicious spread curries with a good choice of side dish in a friendly environment. Historical, appealing cathedral from the time of colonialism, which had the same preacher for 69 years. Centrified, but relatively full-bodied Burmese, as well as China, India, Western and a small portion of Shan, meals are available in this lovely foreign oriented terraced cuisine.

Final guide to the refreshing Myanmar mountain station

Kalaw is situated in Shan State, 50 km from the Inle Lake and was established by the British as a mountain resort during that time. A lot of travelers just stay one overnight here before going on a three-day hike to Inle Lake. We' ve learnt about backpack tourists getting off the Bagan or Yangon overnight buses at 4am and going on a 6am hike!

One of the most beautiful cities we have ever seen in Myanmar is Kalaw, and there are many good reason to spend a few relaxing holidays here. Once we had explored the Bagan Temple, it was just a pleasure to be able to breathe the cold, clean Kalaw sun!

In the daytime we made airy hikes in the surrounding mountains and at nights we cuddled up in a blanket (which is without air conditioning) - a clear innovation in Southeast Asia! Strolls in the near and far surroundings are beautiful and very different from strolls in any other city in Burma we have been to.

Go along the railway line to the historical railway yard buildings, pass the old British "Club" and see what's remaining of the crime board. There is a rather dilapidated parkland in the heart of the city (with an ornate miniature course probably laid out by the British) and the tree-lined roads in the hilly and pinewoods around Kalaw are littered with decaying kolonial houses, once vacation homes for the wealthy officials of the British Empire.

Thein Taung Monastery can be climbed for a glimpse of the whole city. Continuing up the street through several towns, you will come to Kalaw's "peace pagoda" (Manorhla) for an even better look at the scenery around. Red Mountain wines are recommended, cultivated near Inle Lake by Myanmar-French winegrowers with 15,000 kyat/bottle.

Try Aythata, a German-Myanmar style vine made in Kalaw with 13.000 kyat/bottle. The Green Hill Valley elephant camp: Located just an hours outside the city is this family-run bull run bull camps, which has a story of taking care of bulls who worked in the Myanmar wood trade. There is a long rural heritage of working with animals and Green Hill Valley provides a lovely home for those with disabilities or who are too old to work.

It'?s a little Kalaw day spa: When you need a relaxing workout, why not visit this lovely little spas and spas near the railway yard in Kalaw city town? Myanmar's first offroad motorcycle manufacturer is riding Behind Kalaw. The Green Discovery Trekking Office offers one or more days of trekking tours around Kalaw.

Driving to Inle Lake is possible in one go, in the rainy period on the streets and in the arid period on the country lanes (the best experience!). Next time you stay at Inle Lake, have the corporate bus carry your baggage to your next location while you sense the breeze in your head and the load off your shoulder as you climb the slopes (usually downhill!) on two bicycles!

UK sports are very much a part of this city with a course and driveway! Boys and footballs can be hired for a news day in Kalaw. Hike to Inle Lake: We' ve abandoned the most beloved activities in Kalaw until the end, because it is about you abandoning this beautiful city!

Celebrated by Lonely Planet and National Geographic as one of the most scenic walks in the entire globe, this three-day, two-day backpack is a must for any packer. From Kalaw there are about five different trails you can take to get to Inle Lake, depending on your distances and level of ability.

You will walk on a daily basis for about 7 hrs with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and teas along the way. They cross many ethnically minorities like Pa-oh, Palaung and Taungyoe and stay overnight in a stilt hut in a town. Trekking prices vary between 40,000 and 70,000 kyats.

Shopping in one of the city's many walking tour companies for the best prices and the best tour guide. The Railroad Hotel near the railway yard is a colorful hotel with neat, comfy rooms and a beautiful porch and relaxed sitting area where you will have your morning break with views of the surrounding rolling countryside.

The Kalaw Heritage is the perfect place for you if you want to indulge in something good. Fully equipped with free of charge racket hire court, wonderful garden, coctail bars, restaurants and very comfy rooms, the hostel is very reasonably-priced ( $50 US$ /night) depending on the amenities and amenities of the hostel.

A traditional Myanmar style or full English is available and the restaurants' traditional or West cuisine in the evenings is superb. Find out more about the Kalaw Heritage Hotel at Christmas our Best Flashpacker Hotels here! Find out more about other accommodations in Kalaw. Dine on Nepalese and lndian food: The Kalaw is home to Nepalese and Indians whose fathers were taken there by the British to construct railways, hence the wealth of India's nourishment in this city!

Known for dining in the area, this eatery, which serves local Shan, Myanmar and China dishes, is renowned for its excellent dining. Educated at a French cooking college, Sandar is proud to offer Kalaw visitors a sample of Myanmar's unique cooking. Whilst the night life in Kalaw is quite unknown, we came across a quaint little snack and drink place named 'Hi Snack & Drink' near the Aung Chan Tha pagoda.

On the way to Kalaw: Bagan: In the daytime (6 hours) take a mini van or the more luxurious Bagan to Kalaw V. P. N. bus. Inle Lake is for those who don't want to stop in Kalaw. Or take a 9-hour late evening coach or fly to He Ho Airport near by (26km), the traffic junction for Inle Lake and the Shan Mountain area.

The Pindaya - A three-day, two-day hike to the neighbouring city of Kalaw-Inle is a less battered than Kalaw-Inle's trail and just as scenic with path-working arable land and ethnically diverse minorities. Overnight stays in this mountain terminal can be arranged by coach or cab (one and a half hours drive).

Lake Inle - Take a trip, ride a MTB, take a coach or take a 30,000 kyat cab to the region's premier tourism destination, the incomparable Lake Inle! In case you are not in a hurry, you can also take the 3-4 hour long railway (50 km!) to get to Shwenyaung just outside Inle Lake.

Go get your ticket at the train depot in the city.

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