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Myanmar, long secluded from the outside worlds, is still the most traditionally visited tourist resort in Southeast Asia and also one of the most intriguing and diversified with a confusing ethnical mixture that creates a wealthy and sophisticated cuisines. Myanmar also has, perhaps the most diversified landscape in the area, from the northern Himalayan spurs to the countless Mergui Archipelago in the extreme southern hemisphere, along with the scenic coastline of the Shan Plateau, the majestic Lake Inle, stunning and totally untouched shores and the Karen State's tragic karstic mark.

Burma's pulsating streets and busy market towns are as old-fashioned as they are everywhere. Only some of our favorite activities in Burma (Myanmar)..... Burma bridges India and Bangladesh in the western part and Thailand and Laos in the eastern part, forming a link between the sub-continent of India and Southeast Asia, with China defining its northboundaries.

Myanmar extends over 2,000 km - from the Himalayan spurs to the southernmost peninsula. Ayeyarwady River is a vast plateau through the center with the Shan Plateau to the west. Real familiarity with the place makes a good travelling adventure an unforgettable one.

Well-known to our Burmese (Myanmar) travelers as Po, Po-Po or Patrick (which doesn't matter to him) was borne in Yangon by a Karen and Shan mothers, which illustrates the ethnical variety of the state. Not only is the beloved Po a native leader for his hometown, but he also guides our classical and off the well-trodden paths - Southern Burma journeys, which of course include the Shan and Karen states.

Win win Win Win's quiet, never nervous and always funny face adorns our classical and south Burma (Myanmar) itineraries. Helpful information and handy hints to know before you go to Burma (Myanmar). This is our short description of what we should be packing due to our experiences in Burma (Myanmar)..... There' is nothing to be worried about when you are traveling in Burma (Myanmar).....

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