What to do in Burma Myanmar

Why are you in Burma Myanmar?

Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda. Morning fog over Mandalay. Grapevines reclaiming a temple in Bagan. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (The Golden Rock) A local in Kengtung. Yes, there is more to do in Myanmar than just to eat.

In 10 jours how can you see Burma (Myanmar)?

Burma (Myanmar) is a surprisingly big nation - it would be quite openly not possible to see everything in 10 working nights, but it doesn't hurt to try. Take a journey, take the attractions, noises, and odors, and most of all, have a good time!

There is a lot of information on the web, but if you are looking for a long ago shut down place, look through shut museums or miss an exiting reopening, you realize that the guided tour through a total foreigner is not unfailing and sometimes even completely inaccurate. In addition to historic and culture skills, our native leaders also know where to get the best lunches, can help you with easy sentences and logistic hints and give you the liberty to look it up and take it all up.

Confusing is that they work on different dates and in different towns - ask your locals to be sure. You can enjoy the hectic pace of daily routine as a souvenir grocer. When the wobbly engine winds, take a place in the windows to see sleeping towns with children as they play, peasants on leafy rice paddies and groups fighting for fruits, vegetables and other goods.

Take your 10 day trip from Mandalay to Monywa in Burma for three hours. There are the Po Win Taung Caverns with their unbelievable mural paintings, Shwe Ba Taung, with lavish architectural carvings in dug out caverns (affectionately called Burmas Petra by us), and a Buddha's Gardens set up under shelters.

Not least the flamboyant Thanboddhay Pagoda with its thousand Buddhas. Contrary to some of its more prominent neighbors, Burma is not known for its kitchen. Many Burmese cuisines, like the thali in India, are accompanied by a wide range of side salad, dip, soup and curry cakes. There' s a westerly one, but we strongly suggest the locals: fry glutinous stiff riceballs with bay beans, fry bananas with custard, ginger-coated candies, sage and coir milkpalm sugars and cakes.

It is an occasion to get to know the life of the inhabitants, to know about the locals' industry and tradition and to have a morsel. There is no journey to Burma without a visit to the plain of Bagan. The shiny gold-plated marble is truly the gem in Yangon's crest and the most important marble in all of Burma.

Spend a full working afternoon exploring Burma's past by exploring three of the former capital cities of Mandalay. In February, if you already find 10 working hours in your 2018 journal, you should join our Burma Unmashed Small Group Outing.

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