What to do in Burma

Things to do in Burma

Himalayan trekking: how to do it. Take off your shoes when entering pagodas and religious places. These are some of our best things to do in Inle Lake. They can be paid either in US dollars or in Kyat. Consider this in your travel planning.

Burma Travel & Myanmar Holidays

You can explore the wonderful, varied Myanmar civilization. Enjoy a tasty homemade dinner with a Bagan hostess or take a cruise on Lake Inle. Cross the bustling town of Ywama while taking a longtail to Indein. Situated on the Ayeyarwady River is the 26 miles long plains of Bagan, a town that offers a breathtaking contrasts of gorgeous green with thousand of shrines and palagodas.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Bagan. Walk the roads of Myanmar's biggest town and enjoy the enormous beauties of Yangon. Discover the town' s sacred centre, the Shwedagon Lagoon, and take part in an olive tree burning celebration before watching the sunset over the glittering Lagoon.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Yangon. Take a long tail row from the seaside town of Nyaungshwe to picturesque Inle lake. Proceed around the pond as you drive past the high teaky buildings of bustling Ywama on the way to Nyaung Ohak. Check out our Myanmar trips with Inle lake. An enchanting fairytale landscape of holy stupas, old customs and worship that you will discover in some of the world's most holy Buddhist shrines as you plunge into the history of the lands now formally known as Myanmar.

How to do in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) in 36h?

You plan a journey to Myanmar (Burma)? Well, then don't go without visiting Mandalay. And if ever there was a name that evokes the charm of the Orient, it is Mandalay. You' ll be amazed to know that Myanmar (Burma) is indeed the second biggest town, a relatively young town founded in 1857.

The town came under UK domination in 1885, and much of the town you see today is of UK ancestry. HereĀ are some of the high points to see if you have 36 hour time to finish killing in Mandalay. We have noodle breakfasts and after that we will enjoy the fortress, which King Mindon rebuilt in 1861.

If you are tired of the pavillons and have visited the magnificent Kyaung Teak Convent (entry 10 US$), you can also go to Shwenandaw Kyaung. Formerly regal dwellings, it was rebuilt into a buddhistic convent and is the only significant part of the pristine regal castle that was destroyed during the war.

An entrance charge of $10 will take you to the Mandalay area, which contains the entrance to a number of sights in the vicinity of the castle. In the afternoon, after luncheon (the Golden Lion Restaurant is in the immediate vicinity and offers mainly traditional China dishes), head to the Kuthodaw Pagoda, which houses the so-called "largest novel in the world":

You will probably also have the opportunity to visit one of the other convents or couples, such as the Sandamuni Pagoda, which houses the world's biggest Buddha sculpture. On Mandalay Hill, as the afternoons go towards night, you will observe the sundown. It is 230m high and the half hours ascent with many steps, but it is rewarding.

This is an ideal (free) way to end the days with a magnificent view of the town and some interesting shrines, palagodas and sculptures on the way up and on the hill. The MMK8,000 ($US7.65) entrance fees are aimed at assisting those with politics.

Face is the only part not coated with sheet metal, and if you are a man, you can join the custom of going up the steps and laying your own sheet metal on the MMK1600 sculpture (about $US1.50). Unfortunately, they have to give their work to an assistent to bid for them and have to look from the bottom of the steps.

End your visit to Mandalay with a relaxed stroll along the 200-year-old U leg pedestrian crosswalk in the Amarapura district. The longest trekking footbridge in the worid that crosses the flat Taungthaman Lake, it is the ideal place to mix with the friars, enjoy the ambience and enjoy the last few minutes in the magic Mandalay.

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