What to do in Burma

Things to do in Burma

GOING TO THE CAPITAL, NO, PYI TAW. In general, most Burmese are incredibly friendly and polite and will do their best to make you feel welcome in their country. What is the best and cheapest way to see Yangon (Rangoon)? Our activities - Humanitarian aid and development; Burma/Myanmar.

" It would be easy to spend two months exploring Myanmar, there is a lot to do here.

Burma Travel & Myanmar Holidays

You can explore the wonderful, varied Myanmar civilization. Enjoy a tasty homemade dinner with a Bagan hostess or take a cruise on Lake Inle. Situated on the Ayeyarwady River is the 26 miles long plains of Bagan, a town that offers a breathtaking contrasts of gorgeous green with thousand of shrines and palagodas.

We will show you the frescos from the thirteenth and twelfth centuries that decorate the passages and sides of the Gubyaukgyi temple, or you can also see the Shwezigon Pagoda in gold, constructed by the pagan empire's creator, King Anawrahta. You will not only discover these antique beautiful designs, but you will also be able to admire the craftsmanship behind Bagan's renowned garages with a local specialist who will see how delicate lacquerware is made.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Bagan. Walk the roads of Myanmar's biggest town and enjoy the enormous beauties of Yangon. Discover the town' s sacred centre, the Shwedagon Lagoon, and take part in an olive tree burning celebration before watching the sunset over the glittering Lagoon.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Yangon. An enchanting fairytale landscape of holy stupas, old customs and worship that you will discover in some of the world's most holy Buddhist shrines as you plunge into the history of the lands now formally known as Myanmar.

1. Please do not forget your alarms

Be sure to check out these 17 gems of knowledge before you visit one of the most hot backpacker travel sites in the game. I' ve never been to a land where I've seen so many dawn. Being a passionate amateur film-maker, the sunrise will not only give you a nice glow, but you will also catch the popular Bagan balloon and the monk parade in the early part of the day, looking for charity for their lunches or for the needs.

When you have seen that there are no ATM machines in Burma, you are probably looking at a really obsolete guideline or an item that has been posted by a visually impaired individual. ATM machines are now all over Burma and you no longer need to take all the money you need for your journey.

There were ATM machines in every town we went to in the countryside, although they were a little more difficult to find in places outside the big towns like Hsipaw and Inle Lake. Seriously, if you begin to pack for Burma, half of what you have, and then half again. Wi-Fi is now available in most of Mandalay's most boring, shabbiest backstreets, and in most homes and guesthouses.

Don't wait to load up a ton of images - you'll sit there for hour. I' m not speaking of the kind that makes a bruise.... lip-licking, or that kissing, is the usual way to get someone's eye on Burma, even those who are just by.

This means that we had to take along money or costly items such as heavier notebooks, iPads, etc. as we didn't run the chance of keeping them in our room. Myanmar is one of the few counties in the word with a half-hour timezone - others are India and Iran.

We' ve never been in a half-hour timezone (Burma is six and a half GMT minutes away), so we were a little upset. Since September 1, 2014, travelers can get their Burma E-Visa through a new website (www.myanmarevisa.gov. mm) for $50 per capita. You' ll always take off your boots every single moment you walk into a shrine or house, so you' ll be wearing boots like easily removable flip-flops that are great for carrying.

Myanmar is a very young nation with a very young culture; there are no waste pickers, so there is a great deal of waste waiting for you on the pavements and rivers. Myanmar can be quite bewildering for travelers as there is a mixture of old and new cities - such as Bago and Pegu, Yangon and Rangoon - so it is noteworthy to mention both, although most visitor information centers will use the new name of the town in contrast to their UK settlement name.

You can say that they are genuine, but there are many tales of visitors who buy counterfeit jewels that were just bits of that. And, when you buy a gem, make sure you have a certificated copy of your sale, which can be presented to custom when you leave the state.

Whatever someone says, it is always best to keep your immunizations up to date and go to your local hospital for tips on travelling to Burma. There is malaria in Burma and it is better to protect against it than against it.

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