What to do in Bagan

Things you can do in Bagan

Explore the best top things in Bagan, including Ananda Pahto, Dhammayangyi Pahto, Sanon. So many things to do! What to do in Bagan and what not to miss

A stop in Bagan is definitely a real treat for anyone travelling to Myanmar. Well known as the country of old remains and old stone towers, this town in the Mandalay area is visited by many. At the height of the empire's ascent there were over 10,000 Buddha style churches, convents and palaces in the area.

Today there are still over 2000 remains that cover the entire plain of Bagan, making it a favourite destination for travellers and visitors alike. In order to help you limit the possibilities in Bagan, you will find here our full travel book with the best activities in this city. If you have a small business plan, I suggest you show off a little to take a trip on a Bagan thermal ballon.

Of course, one of the best things to do in the area is to observe the dawn over old pictures. The choice of places to be visited is particularly difficult, which is why we have prepared this special guidebook for the exploration of the Bagan Temples. Briefly, here are some of the best lagoons and sanctuaries you' ll find here that are well worth seeing.

There is also another great way to see all the attractions and sound of this town, a stroll to the surrounding churches and palaces which are within easy reach on foot. It allows you to go on hiking trails and avoid the major streets on which most automobiles and horsedrawn carriages drive.

Or, if going isn't your thing, take a look at our Myanmar Transport Guides to see other choices such as e-bikes or a scooter. There is no better way to end the long walk (or cycling) around the temple after a long days walk than by observing the Ayerwaddy River Irrawaddy River sundown.

You can also visit some of the nearby churches before your cruise. In contrast to the beloved Bagan Pagoda, you can also stop at one of the banks of the Danube Temple, which offers a different look at the old remains.

It is recommended to pay a tour of the Bu Paya Temple. The Bagan Sundown Rocktail Tour is recommended for your river cruising and will include transport from your guesthouse, a drink of your choosing and a few small sandwiches and drinks. It is one of my favourite pastimes to travel and see the best places to go.

It not only gives you an insight into what goes on locally, but also shows you the indigenous produce that the natives use to cook them. We have a small supermarket near Nyuang U, which you can reach by car. You can also dine while you are here near some of the village eating stands or try some of the fruits and flavours that are available.

When you are asking yourself what kind of meal you can look forward to, read our full story about what you can dine in Myanmar. To learn more about the unbelievable Buddha cultural life around Myanmar, we strongly suggest you go to a few convents. They are home to many young monks and have an unbelievable chance to see what education looks like when you go to certain places.

Places like the Kyat Khayon Cave Mount or others that are often part of the normal Bagan daily trips can be visited. About 90 min from Bagan, many choose a daily excursion to this beloved vulcano. Celebrated as the Olympus of Myanmar, you can walk for hour to see this extraordinary convent on top of the vulcano.

Apart from the quaint convent, you also have a lot of apes, so be careful not to carry anything with you during your outing.

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