What to buy in Yangon

Things to buy in Yangon

Google searches will find many dealers and suppliers in your area. shopping in Yangon, travel guide As a rule, you can get a better offer here than on the street when you buy your gifts. The Gem Museum, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Tel: +95 1 550105.

There is one outside the city if your hearts desire a west facing mall on the way to the North Point Shoppingmall, Pyay Rd, Yangon. Bogyoke Aung San zei, over 70 years old and known for its wide range of crafts, should not be left out when going to the shops.

Buying at the local fairs (zei) can be enjoyable, instructive and offer the opportunity to communicate with the people.

Souvenir Guide in Yangon

Classical objects are lacquered goods, woodcarvings, sunshades and of course old-fashioned clothes.

Your goods are made of locally grown material that capture the quintessence of Myanmar.

The Yangoods is a funky and one-of-a-kind label that offers a wide range of memorabilia, home accessoires and accessoires.

You are selling a wide range of memorabilia such as keys, pendants, toys, jewelry, lacquered goods, puppets and even Myanmar style firewood!

When you want to get genuine and accessible memorabilia, you've come to the right place. You are selling a large selection of objects such as works of artwork made of sands or precious stones as well as lacquer and tapestries. Situated right next to the Myanmar Book Center, it is ideal for visitors looking for Myanmar literature to share with a friend or family.

You will also be selling puppets, lacquer goods, key rings and other classical gifts! Woodcarvings, silver goods, bronze goods, lacquer goods, genuine antiquities, folklore and curiosities as well as ethnical items and pearls. Myanmar general memorabilia available. Rather like a muse than a store, this must be one of the most fascinating places to go to in Yangon, full of fascinating antiquities.

Dolls, woodcarvings and lacquered goods. Handcrafted woodcarvings and glassware. Lacquer goods available in foreign country standard. Exceptional hand-made Myanmar greetings card.

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