What to buy in Myanmar

Things to buy in Myanmar

In Myanmar (Burma) what can you buy? It is irresistible for visitors to go shopping at Myanmar's attractions, where unique and beautiful items are advertised. Shopping can be fun in Yangon, the famous Bogyoke Aung San Market. shopping tips for Myanmar and where to buy in Myanmar: Burma is a land of living cultures, people and colours.

Things to buy in Myanmar - Top 10 of the best shopping in Myanmar

Burma (also known as Burma) not only attracts people to its lovely temple, but also tourist with a wide range of fine and fine memorabilia. There are many things you can buy as a present when travelling in Myanmar, from the colourful bongyi, sandpaper painting, fragrant rock markets and many more.

In Myanmar (Burma) what can you buy? In Myanmar (Burma) what can you buy? One of the most popular pieces is the precious stone jewellery. Myanmar has many gem mining sites, mainly ruby, jet or saphire, so the precious stone manufactured in this land is well known.

In comparison to places not only in the area but also in the rest of the country, the prices of gemstones in Myanmar are much lower, so you can buy them. But Myanmar's jewellery markets are blended with golds, so you should keep in mind to thoroughly comprehend the purchase before you buy to prevent the purchase of counterfeit goods.

Bogyoke Aung San Market is a small proposal for you to buy secure and state-guaranteed gemstones. Besides precious stones, jewellery made of beads, solid jewellery, sterling, etc. is also very well known. Jewellery of all types, good design is on sale in many of Myanmar's important touristic resorts such as Lake Inle, Yangon, Bagan or Mandalay.

The Longyi is a folk dress for Myanmar visitors. Myanmar's most popular souvenir is also its sandpaper. Myanmar's sandpinting is a very advanced form of sandpinting, often based on profound buddhistic philosophical doctrines that suggest that people should be honest.

What's more, the pictures are made of amber sands, which create the breathtaking glitter effect. Sandpaintings reach from several hundred to several thousand Kyat. In order to buy sandpictures, you can visit Yangon or Bagan market or gallery. Textiles are a long-standing tradition in Myanmar.

Windgames are for sale throughout Myanmar's Temple. Windgames here are made in many different dimensions, so the souvenirs are quite sweet. These windgames feature historic symbols or astrologic symbols imaginable after Myanmar, suspending these windgames from the front doors can fend off the bad minds and give the users more happiness.

There are also very different prices for these games, the small games cost about 1,000 Kyat (about 1 dollar) and the bigger ones 10,000 Kyat (about 7 dollars). Many Buddha sculptures can be found in a land with a great religious tradition - Buddhism like Myanmar - and are on sale in many gift-stores.

These Buddha sculptures, like the Windgames, are able to drive away the demon. Myanmar's puppetry is very well known, not only in the Yangon National Museum, but also in places like bars and bars, but also in places like these.

At the end of the good show, you can buy the dolls Prinz, Prinzessin, Clown.... as a gift with a price starting from about 10.000 Kyat (about 7 dollars). Myanmar's ultra-smooth, agreeable smelling brands are a rare gift. When you come to Myanmar, you will have the chance to experience the making of 100% organic products.

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