What Time is it in Yangon right now

Now what time is it in Yangon?

" We just wanted to put together a restaurant that's cool in every city in the world. Surprisingly, the train left on time and slowly. ('I'm so hungry I have to eat now') Food around the corner. On Hitler's right is Rudolph Hess. This is a great obligation for us, a long time ago.

Ride the Yangon Circle Line Train in Myanmar

We' d never thought that a touristy destination would sit in an old, inconvenient, unair conditioning station for 3 hrs, but this is a surprising and indeed one of the most intriguing and non-touristic experiences we have experienced. Yangon Circular Rail serves the Yangon area, which connects the cities and suburbs with the town.

Constructed in 1954 during the British Empire. Though mainly used by lower-income commuteers because of its 200 MMK ($.20c) and the ability to move goods from one place to another, the railway is now also a popular destination for tourists like us to see how the Yangon natives live their everyday life.

Arriving in Yangon Central Station, we didn't know what we were doing, where to buy our ticket and what kind of trains we were looking for. He immediately said we were in the right place and pointed us in the right directions. Yeah, a $0. 20c three-hour rail trip!

It' definitely the least expensive touristic thing we've ever bought. When we got on the car, it was almost empty, except for a few other guys. Unexpectedly, the trains departed on time and slowly. Not sure how we would be staying on the next 3 hour but as we drove further out of town, everything was changing.

Landscape was changing from town to town, homes were changing from cement to cabins & more and more crowds got on the wag. It' the busyest railway we' ve ever crossed. Obviously, without knowing what was going on, a teenage boy leaned over to us and said very polite, "vegetable market". They shouted, shouted name, numbers and threw their pockets on the floor of the coach.

To fill the coach with vegetable and passenger took less than 5 min and it was this stop where we encountered our little family. For a second I only wish there was no linguistic barriers, so we could talk to these nice souls. During the 3 hour walk, a lot of hawkers jumped up and down, jumping up and down, jumping everything from living hens to nuts, veggies, tobacco, teas, roasted tofus, Quail Egs (I didn't go for it this time!) & fruit.

Halfway it began to rainstorm, fortunately the train had window blinds and we shut them and observed the game. They were ordinary folk who lived their daily life, and it was just astonishing. We said good-bye to our new found buddies before we reached the last station in Yangon.

Railway Logistic : Where: Central Yangon Station from track 7. That'?s how sincere the Myanmarians are. Exactly 3 hrs were the whole course. Are you not sure what else to do in Yangon? Watch our article about the 11 most important things in Yangon and book a room in a Yangon B&B so that you too can enjoy this one-of-a-kind railway journey!

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