What Time is it in Yangon

So what time is it in Yangon?

Actual local time in Myanmar - Yangon. Yangon's weather and area codes, time zone and daylight savings time. The exact time in the time zone of Yangon. How late is it in Yangon, Myanmar? You can find time, date and weather for Yangon, Myanmar from an original source in online time reporting.

Now what time is it in Yangon, Myanmar? ?

Now what time is it in Yangon? Schedule your next trip to Yangon with just 24Hz. They can even schedule a call to your boyfriend or associate in Yangon. For help with locating, use the Yangon chart, which shows you the satellites or roadscape.

Proper time in Yangon, Myanmar time zone, offical time changeover 2018 city time, summer time, time changeover, GMT/UTC time.

Actual locale time in Yangon, Myanmar

How late is it in Yangon, Myanmar? Would you like to see the time in Yangon, Myanmar in comparison to your home? Select a date and time and then click on "Send" and we will help you to change it from Yangon, Myanmar time to your time area. Check out our World Meeting Planner and compare the time of night in Yangon, Myanmar, with all other places in the world where others will be attending.

Thinking of making a long-distance call to Yangon, Myanmar? Only confirm the time?

The best time of year to come to Yangon (Rangoon), Burma/Myanmar

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon was Burma's capitol until 2006. The Yangon has a monsoon tropic weather, which means it is wet and rainy all year round. Shwedagon Festival takes place every year in February or March in this gleaming pagean. Yangon's'winter' is not a winters as anyone in the north of the North of the world would know it; the temperatures are still beautifully mild 19 to 33°C (66 to 91°F), with December and January average 25°C (77°F) during the days.

A tour through Yangon's fine old buildings is best done in the early mornings or in the afternoons during the heats. Yangon's drying period lasts from March to May and is distressingly warm and moist. When you visit this year the Thingyan Water Festival provides a welcome break from the heats.

However, the rain fall usually occurs in brief downpours, so it is quite simple to temporarily take cover when it is raining when you are out and about. Do you plan a journey to Yangon?

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