What Time in Myanmar now

Now what time is it in Myanmar?

Have a look at our guide with the best tips on how to spend your time in Myanmar (Burma). Seear time & iftar time today in Yangon. Strangers, once rare in Myanmar, now arrive in hordes. The innate charms of Myanmar are attracting more and more travellers and there is no better time than to give free rein to your wanderlust with your first trip to Myanmar. Myanmar travel reports are more extensive than ever before:

It' time for Myanmar to take the remainder of Southeast Asia: Prime Minister Lee

Burma needs to make up for wasted time and not just further evolve its policy, but also the leadership side of the nation to move it forward together, says Prime Minister Lee. YANGON: Myanmar has lagged behind the remainder of Southeast Asia and it is now time for the nation to make up ground, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

At the end of his three-day formal trip to Singapore on Thursday (9 June), Mr Lee told the Singapore press that today's accomplishments in Myanmar were the goal of the last 20 years of revolutionary activity. However, he admits that Myanmar faces an enormous challenge in nation-building. Burma still has a long way to go, but "it must make up for wasted time and evolve its needs, not only its policy, but also the skills and the teams that can make the policy and advance the land together and unify the land to make it a better place to live".

"In this way, we support the Myanmar administration. I am sure they will strengthen their teams; I wish them well," Mr. Lee said. In ASEAN, Mr. Lee said that each of the small countries in Southeast Asia "can have a say in what is happening in the world". and you' ll find a way to run the whole deal, but keep that overriding goal."

Prime Minister Lee has also considered the forthcoming White House state banquet in August, at the request of President Barack Obama. Lee said that participating in the evening meal would indicate the importance of the US for Singapore and how the US is considered in Southeast Asia.

During his first mandate, it was his government that the USA acceded to the East Asia Summit.

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