What the Fox say Book

The Fox says book

The fox struts through the pages of this lively book and hears the horns, squeaks, shots and blows of a lovable menagerie of creatures. YouTube hit Ylvis, who asks what the Fox says, is turned into a children's book! The ducks say quacks and fish bubble, and the seal goes ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

The picture book behind "What does the Fox say?"

It began as a comic for " Tony with Ylvis ", the Norvegian TV show of Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, and became an online sensational when the reaction to "What Does the Fox Say" on YouTube almost immediately blew up. It is less known that the Ylvis Brethren contacted the famous artist Svein Nyhus a few words before the release of the album " The Fox " in September 2013 in order to transform the texts of the songs into a children's photo book.

Though it usually took a publisher about a year to turn a straightforward storyline into a book, Svein Nyhus only had two and a half weeks to do What Does the Fox Say? which was released by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers on December 10, 2013. This book debuted one mont before the English version was released as "Hva si èresi?

"Since Ylvis was busy with her press coverage all over the globe, I had to trust my experience from previous work and make all my own choices about motif, styles, technique, colours and book format," says Nyhus, who has been writing and illustrating children's literature for 20 years. Without losing too much work, Nyhus immediately began to sketch the book, based on a storyboard and words.

Nyhus used a watermark for the first consecutive year in his illustrating history to create his images directly in Adobe Photoshop on a graphics board. He worked for four to five long week on nothing else but What does the Fox say? Most of Nyhus' work was made independent, while Ylvis Nyhus gave occasional comforting feedbacks on the completed work of art he had been sharing with them.

What does the Fox say is the biggest production challenges? Nyhus says, learned to trust his own personal lines of professionalism and not to care too much about the creation game. A big part of this whole thing was a balanced act that was as good, fun and weird as the musical clip, but with a unique person.

"Nyhus said that he wanted to do something that fit the movie and yet was different - repeating or recreating the power and stupidity of an independent visualised storybook version," he added, hoping to astonish the public "as much as the video" and make it as accessible - even if it couldn't go virally onlin.

What does the Fox say when the reader leaves? You will not find the protagonists or artwork that are so often found in the "traditional children's book". "Just as "The Fox" braves the stereotype of a classical dancing track and musical videos, so does the book.

Maybe this is what has made both of them so popular since their release. To date, the film " The Fox " has reached more than 378 million viewers on YouTube and number 6 on the US Billboard "Hot 100" chart in 2013. And what does the Fox say? for kids aged four to eight, climbs to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

Nyhus says that The Fox's initial intention was to make "a spoof of a failed song". Nyhus has authored or illuminated different from most other works, which often include more works of art and topics that are of a more psychologic or philosophic character.

Nyhus has started to create a new children's book, which is different from the cheerful and entertaining one. Nyhus is a Norvegian graphic artist and author of children's literature. His own writings and those of his own spouse, the famous author Gro Dahle.

Among his own multilingual translations of the book are Sånt som er ("Things That Are", 2010), Opp og ut ("Up And Away", 2008) and Jeg! Nyhu's "Why King and Queen's Don't Water Crowns", a book by Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, was published in 2004. In addition, she is a former publisher trainee at Sleepy Hollow Book and the 2008 winners of NaNoWriMo.

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