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Fox is a small to mid-size, omivorous mammal that belongs to several genres of the Canidae series. Fox have a shallow head, erect ear triangles, a pointed muzzle slightly bent upwards and a long shrubby cock (or brush). 12 types belonged to the monophyletischen group of the "genuine foxes" of the type Volpes. About 25 other actual or died out types are always or sometimes also chestnuts named; these chestnuts either belongs to the para-phyletic group of the Latin America chestnuts or to the outer group, which exists of bats ear chestnuts, grey chestnuts and islet chestnuts.

The fox lives on all continents except Antarctica. The most frequent and most widely spread fox is by far the redfox (Vulpes vulpes) with about 47 recognised subs. 2 ] The worldwide spread of the fox, together with its widely spread fox trickery, has helped to make it known in pop-cultural and folk music in many communities all over the globe.

Fox hunt with flocks of dog, long settled in Europe, especially in the British Isles, has been export by Europeans to various parts of the New World. The results of the genetic analyses show several phylogenetical subdivisions within the canidae: They are generally smaller than some other members of the Canidae familiy such as the wolf and jackal, while they can be bigger than some within the familiy, such as raccoon dog.

Fox are toe-goers and therefore go on tiptoe. In contrast to most members of the Canidae familiy, the fox has partly collapsible nails. The fox hunt was established in the United Kingdom in the 16th c.. Dog huntin' is now prohibited in the UK,[40][41][41][41][42][43], although dog-free fishing is still allowed. The fox was launched for sports in Australia at the beginning of the nineteenth and has been widely used in many parts of the state.

Fox hunt is a recreational activity in several other counties, such as Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia and the United States. Fox is represented in occidental as well as perspicuous folk music as a foxes' ploy and deceitfulness - a fame that derives above all from their alleged capacity to escape from them.

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