What Thas the Fox say

Thas the Fox says

You ever wonder what the Fox is saying, you need to download this app. Ylvis'"What does the Fox say? Is Being Turned into A Children's Book.

will be publishing a children's novel inspired by their hit tune. On December 10, Simon & Schuster's Children's Publishing will be publishing the illustrated What Does the Fox Say? just in office for Christmas. It shows the Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker Brother, together known as Ylvis, dancin' around a wood in fox jumpsuits as they try to think about what exactly a fox says.

It has collected over 215 million songs on YouTube. Ylvis, who have been vaudeville artists in Norway since 2000 when they were discovered in their chorus, present a talkshow entitled I Kveld Med Ylvis (Tonight With Ylvis) twice aweek at TVNorge in Norway.

The goal of Ylvis was to make the dumbest track with the most costly recording crew possible. Her upcoming children's novel will contain images of the work of the famous author Svein Nyhus, although Henrik Ibsen, Norway's greatest author of literature, can quietly lie in his tomb on only 32 pages.

Publisher Simon & Schuster Chairman Jon Anderson said that "the text and the playful nature of the songs are perfect for the storybook format". Ylvis, who have also concluded a profitable recording contract with Warner Music Group, will be performing in the UK for the first case this Friday when they play on BBC One's Children In Need.

Check out Ylvis' virtual song What Does the Fox Say? below:

What Does the Fox Say' Band has written a song about Massachusetts.

Ylvis, the group behind the online smash song "What Does the Fox Say", has continued its virtual triumph with a five-minute tribute to the state of Massachusetts. Yeah, we're not sure why either. The Ylvis is a group of two big boys called Ylvisaker, who are more known for their own drama than for their Norwegian homeland (and probably also here) score.

You published the ludicrous "What Does the Fox Say" last months with unexpected success. Verse of this hymn lists the sound of different livestock. And then comes the catch that asks: "What does the fox say? You seem to have devoted this exaggerated melody to our state and not one of the other 49 for the same reasons you have written a hymn about livestock sounds: no particular use.

There' s also some strange, puerile mockeries that claim that we are all classified gays - the line "Massachusetts greatest state of all/just because you kiss a man doesn't make you gay" is the least crude of them. These jokes are not likely to end up in a state where some of us are just non-secret gays, and the vast majority of us are not 11-year-old youngsters.

We' re not sure if we should be charmed or what.

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