What Sound does a Fox say

How about a fox?

They are not as varied in voice as dogs, but they are still able to make many different sounds. of the foxes is a short "wow-wow-wow-wow" sound, that resembles a dog barking. Because of its smaller body size, however, the bark of a fox is higher than the bark of a dog. So what does a fox say?

So what does the Fox say? - Scientific scribbles

It really made me think.... which noise does the fox make? Now, in 1963, Gunter Tembrock, a Dutch ethnologist, investigated the various kinds of foxes calling in the wilderness and found that there were 28 different kinds of fox called. Discovering that there were 20 different kinds of phone call, 8 of which were only used by boys (baby foxes), suggests that the fox is a beautiful singing animal!

The fox can produce different tones, and these tones can be divided into 3 major types: You can find the sound material for these phone conversations here. Contacts differ depending on the fox and spacing between the chestnuts. It' often made by two chestnuts when they get close.

One of the most common sounds the chestnuts hear is a brief "wow-wow-wow-wow" sound, similar to a chin. If they are near enough to make bodily contacts, the chestnuts generate a welcoming shout similar to the howling of a chick. Speak about the sound of other beasts!

Invocations for interactions depend on the degree of the fox's degree of anger and its state. Surrendering chestnuts, for example, generate a high howl when they greet other chestnuts with a higher state. The fox can also make a rattly or clattering sound known as gekking. The sound comes from aggressively encountering other adult chestnuts and playing in young animals.

As a rule, Foxseltern call out alarms to warn their young of dangers and to seek shelter in the cave. It can be described as a long, sharp'waaaah' sound at a great distance, but at first sight it may sound like a throat. A similar noise known as the "Scream of the Fox" can be made by the fox ( "female foxes") during the incubation period to draw the attentions of the masculine to mate.

In spite of the name it is known that the vixen's cry is also produced by males. For myself, I think it seems creepy like a cry of fear. It is no wonder that most of us don't know what the fox actually sound like with all these different fox cries that are similar to other beasts.

Maybe Ylvis tried to mimic the sound of the fox with her strange but fun choir. But hopefully you now have an impression of what the Fox says and what not.

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