What Sound does a Fox actually make

Which sound does a fox actually make?

The foxes make a variety of noises, says wild biologist Kevin Brennan to the KPCC. CCTV: VIDEO: The answer to Ylvis "The Fox": How does a fox sound? Which ones are in SoCal?

We use the songs of Norway's musicians/talk show presenters to examine how we describe the sound of wildlife, from the mewing cat to the cow that mooes. But they claim that nobody really knows what a fox is sounding and ask in the choir: "What does the fox say?" Then they descends into their imaginary possible sound for chestnuts who also make quite good nightclub beat.

Which sound does a fox make? The fox makes a multitude of noises, says wild-bioologist Kevin Brennan to the KPCC. This is Brennan ist vom California Department of Fish and Gamelife. Their sound is more like a puppy, as far as humans know," said Brennan. Brennan said there are five species of fox in Southern California: the Grey Fox, the Fox, the Isle Fox, the Kit Fox and the San Joaquin Kitch.

Most commonly, the grey fox, though appearance can cheat - they have some orange tint on part of their coat that can pass to the folks that mess them up for scarlet foxes," Brennan said. There is also the Rotfuchs, an invertebrate species of fox, which the State Office for Wild Animals is treating like pests because of its threats to the native population.

Bureaucracies are trying to exterminate them, but it can be hard for the ordinary man to recognize these males. They can only be found at higher altitudes, according to Brennan. Grey fox is the most abundant species here in Southern California. They' re all over Los Angeles County, said Brennan - at least in areas that are remaining underdeveloped.

Below the music of the fox, described as "barking", "screaming", "howling" or "screaming" under various conditions. There is also another sound, "gekkering", that a fox makes under two slightly different circumstances: when they are playing and when they are fighting.

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