What now for Thailand

Now for Thailand

Michael Sullivan is in Chiang Rai and comes to us via Skype. The cave children in Thailand will be released from the hospital next week. Do you have Thailand on your list? Are you looking for something to do in Bangkok? The authorities say eight boys are now free.

Bangladesh, Thailand Caving:: So what now for the guys?

Saviours called it "mission impossible", but they braved the chances of finding the 12 youngsters and their soccer trainer deeply in a caves. There are a few ways the starving and weaker guys could get out, not simple ones. Caving is very dangerous, especially for young guys in a debilitated state who have no scuba skills.

The Tham Luang caves, in which the young are imprisoned, is with 10 kilometers (six miles) one of the longest in Thailand and with its tortuous and sometimes tight passages one of the most difficult to drive. Officers said they would try to coach the young so that they can use important dive equipment after they were rehabilized with nutrition, fresh air and health assistance.

"It is a very technological ability and it is highly hazardous, especially for an inexperienced diver," said Anmar Mirza, co-ordinator of the US National Centre for Rescue Commission, AFP. "In the end, they may be better off trying to feed them in the caves until they can be taken out by other means.

However, there is no evidence that any of these smokestacks are connected to the compartment in which the young are trapped. Again, the young have to pass by getting strong in the cavern before they can try to reach a second entrance - if one is found - or to be raised out.

So what about going outside? "When it rains down the caves it can take month for the waters to fall again," said Ben Reymenants, the Belgium scuba diving enthusiast from Blue Label Diving Thailand, who supports the caves. As the saviours work out the surest options for their extractions, they could stay inside for a few days - or even a few days.

Thuesday the army said it prepared enough nutrition for four month, but did not gamble that they could be in there that long. The guys even got the right attitude to move? Photographs taken after the guys were found by two UK scuba diving crew on Monday, ask: "Go outside.

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