What not to do in Myanmar

Things you should not do in Myanmar

Do not wear Longyi without underwear underneath. Do not run until you have exhausted all the possibilities. Do not ride a motorcycle in downtown Yangon. Do not sleep without a mosquito net. Don't tap anyone on the head.

Things not to do in Myanmar - 10 things every traveller should not do when travelling to Myanmar

Every nation has its own traditions and regulations, as does Myanmar (also known as Burma). Therefore, if you don't want to be regarded as a rude individual when you come to this land, you should never do 10 things below. Let's find Myanmar's label and Myanmar's manners: People in Burma always think of the mind as the holiest part of the human being.

The Burmese also consider it a very poor deed to touch the skull ( "also in a kind way"). In a similar way to directing the hand at the base of the Buddha in Myanmar, the act of pointing at anyone's feet or anything, especially at the base of the Buddha sculpture, is regarded as highly impolite.

Also, you should not step on the furnishings when you arrive in this state. When traveling to Myanmar, you must keep in mind this policy that always uses your right-handed person when you pick up the meal or take the objects because the lefthand is a dirty, unsavory part of the skull.

The Burmese always use their right hands when they eat, not theirs. The concept is to use the lefthand for everyday body care so that it is definitely not used for food. Respect for the Burmese Sangha and the older people who are interested in the kids are all the ancient Myanmar practice.

Myanmar residents should keep their footwear or mules ( "slippers" included) outside before they enter when visiting a temple or pagoda. The locals are Buddhist believers, so in the shrines it is regarded as a dishonest act to wear them. Tourism is not permitted to dine or stay in Myanmar's churches, palagodas and other places of worship.

But because the sunsets and sunrises in Bagan are so nice, many overseas tourists still oppose the regulations to ascend the sanctuaries to have a better outlook. You should also check whether you are allowed to go there or not before you visit a shrine or pit. Prior to attending Myanmar places of worship, people should be wearing clothing that covers their knee and shoulder.

In Bagan, where there are many non-guarded sanctuaries and sanctuaries, the visitor should adhere to this ruling, because if not, they will get the poor look of the natives or be welcomed from the Shrine. On arrival in Myanmar, travelers should not ask about their families, husbands and kids, as about 30% of Myanmar's large towns do not get a wife, especially with the employee here, the quota is up to 50%.

In Myanmar, because a country with a large part of the populace is Buddhist, the Myanmar community does not allow them to embrace and overexpress their emotions in places of the world. The Myanmar Tourism Administration must register all selected tourist accommodation, e.g. for the first visit to Myanmar, so visitors must fill in a booking request via the MYTV.

This is why people should reserve their room in order to prevent trouble and get a better offer. More about Myanmar here.

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