What is Yangon Myanmar Famous for

Why is Yangon Myanmar famous?

This pagoda is the holiest Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar, as it probably contains the relics of four former Buddhas and is mostly filled with worshippers at night. The shining symbol of Yangon is one of the most visited attractions in the city, and for good reason. Nowadays the city is also known as Asia´s Garden City. Burma's largest city and former capital, Yangon houses some of the country's oldest, most famous and most revered temples and pagodas. Immediately after landing in Yangon (Rangoon) our first guide met us and brought us to Shwedagon Paya, the most famous pagoda in Myanmar.

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Nowadays, the municipality is also known as Asia´s Gardenity. The Downtown Yangon is a gem of colonial architecture - but unfortunately this gem is unfortunately becoming less and less magnificent, also due to the intervention of modern buildings in tradition. Yangon people will see their dream come real - the capital has so much to boast - except for a "nightlife".

This is a beautiful way to end a beautiful today in the charm of Yangon. You can also participate in many of Yangon's outdoor pursuits. At Yangon you can participate in the cookery show or attend a cookery course with an experienced chef's instructor. Over the restaurants, Yangon is the country of restaurants.

You will find many quick meals restaurants with pizzas or hoted-dogs. A few famous notables that you must attend if you want to enjoy the dining in Yangon, such as Seven One One Restauran on Anawratha Road, 999 Shan Nodle Shop with memorable pasta, Feel, Hla Myanmar with regional specialities, Golden City Chetty - an excellent option for sampling delicious traditional India cooking and Soe Pyi Swar - the best option for vegetarians.

There is no variety of streetside meals, but if you like, you can find a road meal along the Mahabandoola Roads with many stands. More than 250 routes run around Yangon. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) was recently launched as a new gasoline for Yangon busses. The Yangon Central Railways Railway Terminal near Aung San Stadium is Yangon Central Railway Terminal.

There are enough city taxis in Yangon. Every cab in Yangon is within easy reach. Yangon River Commuter ferry From Dala, it will take about 10 min. to get across the Yangon River. Myanma Railways operates 40 lines across the entire state. You can buy your ticket at Yangon Central Railway Station. Yangon International Airport is available for both international and domestic flights.

National airlines are (1) Myanma Airways (2) Air Bagan (3) Air Mandalay and (4) Yangon Airways. Yangon has a wide range of foods, as it is inhabited by many different peoples such as Myanmar, Chinese, Indians and other nationalities. Traditional Chinese cuisine is available in China Town in Latha and Lanmadaw Township.

Cuisine is available in the community of Kyauktada. Yangon has several western eateries. Yangon is home to the most important TV channels. Myanmar and Myawaddy TV with programmes from 7 am to 4 pm and from 4 pm to 11 pm. M-RTV 3 - British programmes are broadcast to Myanmar audiences from 9:00 to 10:00. 13:00 to 14:00, 18:00 to 19:00 and 02:00 to 04:00.

The Ministry has also transferred the pm MRI 3 programmes to the web with web-based IPTV via the Myanma Posts and Telecommunications gate. M-RTV 4 contains non-formal learning and other entertaining programmes. However, it can be adapted for reception from MMBox (Myanmar Media Box). The program includes ministry educative programming, Myanmar films, Myanmar subtitled films in British, cartoons and other entertaining programmes.

Kanal 5 - Broadcasts films in various tongues such as English, Mandarin, Hindi, etc., but all films are captioned in Myanmar. There' also great comic programmes for the kids. Myanmar Ah Lin and Kye mon in Myanmar and The New Light of Myanmar in English are featured in Yangon and The Yadanabon News in Myanmar in Mandalay.

The Myanmar Times Journal (English version) is circulated every Monday and the Myanmar version every Friday. Yangon publishes both of them. Local publications such as Golden Myanmar, Myanmar Chronicle and Myanmar Perspective are available in bookstores. International Herald Tribune, Singapore Straits Times. and some international publications are available at In-wa (Ava) Bookshop, No.232, Sule Pagoda Road. Sule Pagoda Road will broadcast in English on the following program:

Burma & English music, entertainments, face-to-face interview with movie celebrities are broadcasted on this channel. You will find amusement centres such as cinemas, theatres and karaoke pubs. Yangon's most important music, video and film production sites are located in the city. In the Karaweik Hall there are also traditional dance sessions where the local people are entertained with various Myanmar-dancing.

Sometimes the Myanmar Orchestra's entertainments are also scheduled. The Yangon is full of beauty salons and spas. Yangon is also very famous for its beauty of your skin and of your skin. Spas are mainly located in International Hotels in Yangon.

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