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Difference or offset between the current local time in Myanmar - Yangon and the time zone - UTC. Actual weather conditions in Yangon. Located in the center of Yangon (Rangoon), in the center of Yangon (Rangoon), it is easy to reach by bus or taxi. Practice normal safety precautions in the cities of Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Nay Pyi Taw and Inle Lake. High quality organic fish broth.


The majority come to Yangon (formerly Rangoon), which is no longer the capitol, but still the most important economic location in the state. How's life in Yangon really? We' re using our weekly blogs to discuss the good and challenge of life in Myanmar's biggest town.

What is the standard of living in Yangon? Presumably the most important thing to understand is to answer this query is Yangon property price calculation. Because of a number of reasons (mostly building heights, zone restrictions and large quantities of landholding belonging to a small number of people), Yangon has the same price as Manhattan.

This has a strong impact on the Yangon lifestyle as it makes living in Yangon costly and restricts opportunities for retailers and gastronomy. However, the urban environment has improved in many ways in recent years (with one remarkable exceptions, which we will soon come to) as more and more foreigners generate a level of saturation.

Recently, the expatriate and corporate traveller's experience of eating and drinking in Yangon has been dramatic. Although it is not Bangkok or Hong Kong, Yangon now has a number of good places to eat, among them Japanese in Gekko, Koreans who are probably better than anyone else in Bangkok in Sorabol, French in L'Opera and cutting-edge approaches to Yangon's tradition ally Myanmar in the Rangoon Tea House.

New places to dine and dine seem to open up every months, so it definitely looks good for life in Yangon in this respect. There are a whole series of possibilities in Yangon, and things are getting better and better. Everything in the city centre is designed so that most of the population lives in flats or condominiums.

While most places are usually good but not great, a flood of development plans is underway that will soon enable Yangon to live a luxurious lifestyle at an internationally level. The area where the Yangon region's people' lives have not changed? Yeah, it' re talking about transport. Yangon's intercourse is shit.

If we can, we try to schedule customer appointments around the bus, visiting only certain areas in the mornings and others only in the afternoons. It' one of those things the Yangon folks are learning to embrace. Attempt to swing as briefly as possible, learning to remain in your vehicle and take a breath.

There''s not much more you can do about the intercourse here. Generally, the Burmese are some of the most friendly, generously sized and friendly individuals you will encounter in the whole wide globe. Almost all the staff in our ad agent are in Myanmar and they never stop amazing us. They are also generously giving everyone plenty of spare minutes and dollars to share what they know, be it English, computer literacy or computer aptitude.

Some things you just have to get used to, and others that aliens just try to get used to, if possible. Yangon is a good place to work and to be, and it gets better every year. Sometimes it can be annoying, and there are certain things you just can't find in the town.

The expatriates who live here have a very good standard of live. Bangkok has become a world-class place for the things you can't have in Yangon, or just for a time out.

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