What is the Time now in Myanmar

So what's the time now in Myanmar?

Check the current local time and weather in Myanmar. Actual local time in Hakha, Chin, Myanmar. Timezone information for Hakha, Hakha DST details, Hakha Sunrise time and Sunset time. When I dug something, I realized that the problem seems to be that the time zone of Yangon is no longer on the list: Burma is one of the few countries in the world with a half-hour time zone.

Driving time from Yangon to Inle Lake by road - Myanmar Message Board

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The Maungdaw time and date | Myanmar

Maungdaw time in seconds is displayed together with the date living on the basis of the time zone and the differences to UTC/GMT/ZULU offset. Provide information on whether daylight savings time is adhered to and when daylight savings time begins and ends for Maungdaw, Chin, along with the city date to modify the Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter watches in this part of Chin, Myanmar.

A quick calculation of the time differences and the area of Maungdaw, Chin, Myanmar to any place in the worid is possible with an additional interactivity card. The weather in Maungdaw is also available.

Burma and Australia time differences, distances and durations of flights

How long is the time between Myanmar and Australia? Where is Myanmar to Australia? What is the duration of the flight from Myanmar to Australia? Between Myanmar and Australia is: 3:30. The Australians are 3'30" ahead of Myanmar. If it is 9:00 am in Naypyidaw Myanmar, it is 12:30 pm in Canberra Australia.

The route from Myanmar to Australia is 5128.6 miles (8253.7 kilometers / 4453.7 nautical miles). The estimated time for a non-stop Naypyidaw, Myanmar to Canberra, Australia is 10 hours, 38 minutes. Please note: Daylight saving time is taken into consideration in all time calculation on this page.

Determine the time differences and distances between Myanmar and Australia: There' s a time gap of 3:30 between Myanmar and Australia. The daylight saving time is taken into consideration when calculating the hourly time. Myanmar to Australia is 5128.6 or 8253.7 kilometres in all.

That is the immediate aerial range or the aerial range during the mission. That is the estimated time of the game. Myanmar airports: Australian airports:

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