What is the Time in Burma

So what's the time in Burma?

It's time for you to explore Burma on your own. For those boarding, there is a tendency to stick to a kite shaped tour of the'Big Four':

Myanmar for Beachgoers | Travel

On a two miles long sandy shore, I was looking at frothed clouds of capuccino foam, looking at a ocean that made its way through various tones of ceramic before it melted into the cloudburn. Cause I was in Burma - and who goes to Burma for the beautiful sandy beach?

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First time in Burma and Cambodia. Do you need consulting - Myanmar Message Board

I' d like to do something great for my first journey to Burma and Cambodia. Would you please tell me where I shouldn't be missing and where we can do something other than on a tour? First I would suggest that you browse through some of the contributions and get a feeling for what other people are asking.

However, there are also many great places in the touristic paths (as in the example): The season you want to go to. The first thing to note is the plane from Yangon to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh (Cambodia). May Air only operates twice a weeks and not really reliably for the year.

Among the goals you should not miss: - In Cambodia: The Siem Reap with Angkor Tempel, Phnom Penh and river Pekong. The Siem Reap is a must for the sanctuaries. It can take up to 30 min to get from Siem Reap city centre to the Wats, where you are.

Even then, there were relatively few visitors. From Siem Reip we went to the swimming town Kompong Phluk. It' about 1 hour by car from Chong Kneas.

Time zones: How late is it in Myanmar / Burma?

For information about what time zones are used in Myanmar / Burma, please see this page. The information is made available to those who are trying to arrange a date, make an appointment or travel. In Myanmar / Burma what is the time? This is my time zone: At lunchtime in Myanmar / Burma, the time is in these cities:

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