What is the present Position of Democracy in Myanmar

How is the current position of democracy in Myanmar?

The San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) won a landslide victory. Kyaw, a long-time NLD leader selected by Daw Suu for this position. This bridge connects past and present for Venezuelan refugees. The challenges for a transformative democratic policy. Current situation or position in the transition process.

Myanmar democratic symbol Aung San Suu Kyi has dropped her vote | Myanmar

First was the most notable because I was driven through the mob by Myanmar Special Forces force, which followed me from National League for Democracy HQ, where I questioned Aung San Suu Kyi shortly after she was released from detention. At the end of 2010, it was not even certain to make her name known to the general population because she was the hostile of the army state that had ruled Myanmar for almost 50 years and closed the area.

This is because, on the one side, it is noteworthy how much has happened in this land and, on the other, how things have remained the same. Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy is in the administration and she is the state adviser six and a half years after I was strangely persecuted in the street of Yangon for being a reporter in a place where I was not welcome.

It was a very recent period when the whole wide globe seemed in a crush on her and was full of hopes and optimisms about what she would do for the state. This was to some degree sufficiently equitable given what it had gone through under government and the mere size of its mission to re-connect Myanmar with the global fellowship and resolve the issues that the government and the resulting trade and industry sanction had caused.

When she was freed from home detention, I recall that she could turn out to be a horrible guide or political figure because we just didn't know it back then. Because she was a relentless fighter for democracies and respect for mankind, that did not mean that she would become a great nothing, let alone a great ruler of her state.

I' m not saying it's horrible at anything, and I certainly don't envire the stance it's in - which is sometimes made more complicated because of the activities of some in the military as well as their confederates in the Goverment departments working to subvert their energies. I have recently spoken to many in the NLD who say that they are beginning to loose confidence in their leaders, which has always been done in a top-down stly.

In fact, there are some who are even part of the administration and say softly that they are enjoying more contact with army generals than with the Council of State because they are respected more. It is clear that the Myanmar commanders are still in charge, and this means that Suu Kyi will fight to implement the reform she wants within the time frame that the countrys urgent needs.

While still benefiting from the advantages of the Force and focusing on the NLD leadership, the Armed Forces have been playing a smart trick by pulling out of the limelight, blaming much of the responsibility for some of the country's issues. However, she still has a single vote with which she can carry the messages to national and international audiences to show that she is concerned and that she is still struggling for the same things she has always struggled for: liberty and respect for man.

These are things that she and others have taken away from them for many years and many Myanmarans are still being mugged. However, Suu Kyi has dropped her vote and if she doesn't find her soon, more will begin to loose it.

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