What is the old name of Myanmar

What's the old name of Myanmar?

Use of the name "Burma" is still popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Yangon Architectural Heritages - A prism in retrospect. An earlier version of this article was misspelled by Mandalay in the caption. There is a route in Myanmar at the beautiful Ngwe Saung Beach. First one, Myanmar, is a more formal version of the name.

Origin of the name "Myanmar".

Myanmar is the name of Burma used at the beginning of the twelfth centuries, but its origins are still unknown, but Myanmar scholars agree that the name was taken from "Brahmadesh" in Sanskrit, meaning the "land of Brahma" Hindu god of all things. Burma - the gold lands. Burma became" Burma" in May 1989, along with changes in the British name of various parts of the state.

The capital "Rangoon", for example, has been re-named "Yangon". Myanmar " is the name of the land in Myanmar, while the "Bama" (from Burma) is the slang name. Many exile groups in Burma today still use the name "Burma" because they do not recognize the legality of Myanmar's junta and do not name it.

A number of occidental nations such as the United States, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom still use the name "Burma"; the EU uses both the name " Burma " and " Myanmar "; the UN uses the name " Myanmar ". Use of the name "Burma" is still widespread in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Burma - Temples, ancient cities & spectacular landscapes | Tailor-made holidays | Luxury holidays | Safaris, honeymoons

Burma (or Myanmar as it is formally called) has been cut off from tourism for years with a tumultuous civic upheaval. But with my spirit of adventures and an open spirit, I went into the unfamiliar to see what Myanmar had to offer. Well, I was not sure what to look forward to.

Be it the indigenous people, the famous Irrawaddy River, the elaborate churches and palaces, the old towns or the stunning landscape that captivates you, every stop on this astonishing trip will amaze you. Burma is about 12 hours by plane from the UK, with a Middle East transfer or one of the Asia turnstiles.

It is a relatively small town, but there are many things to discover: going to Scott Market, sightseeing the old farmhouses, seeing the teahouses and of course a trip to the stunning Shwedagon pit at sundown! The Irrawaddy River flows like a spine through the Myanmar heartland and is a great attraction for many.

Ageless landscapes and riverside fun while sailing through the locals' lifelines. Whatever your length of stay, there is a great choice of ocean-trips for everyone - from a one-hour trip at sundown to 20 nocturnal all-inclusive excursions to some of the most secluded places in the world.

There has been an inflow of new liner companies into Myanmar's waterways in recent years and we look forward to welcome the Sanctuary Ananda, which will dock in November 2014. Featuring 20 of the biggest suite on the riverbank, Sanctuary Ananda will take you on 3-11 nights of breathtaking scenery and exploration on the Myanmar's mystical streams.

Myanmar's gastronomy and food are mirrored in the menus of the hotel's visitors and are complemented by an extensive winery. I finally reached Bagan (Pagan) after the excursion by Mandalay's own outing. Bagan is a World Heritage Site alongside the other major centers of Southeast Asia, similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

On both sides surrounded by the stream, the major focus of the memorials lies around the pristine town on the arch of the stream. About 5,000 memorials, a testimony to Bagan as a former center of buddhistic intellectuality and study, are spread over the 42 km2 of the Irrawaddy shore.

At every turn there is something notable to see, be it one of the many spectecular pagodas or just the fantasy moments of peasant living - it was a photographer's fantasy and certainly one of the high points of my journey. It is certainly a good idea to spend a few evenings in Bagan, in additon to the temple there are some interesting excursions like Mount Popa and the untouched small city Pakkoku, which is known for its market, tobacconist and weavery.

The last area I wanted to visit was Shan State - extremely enchanting and so much to do. The most famous peak is the beautiful Inle Sea, which is located in the east Shan hills of Myanmar and stretches over approx. 116 kmĀ². When we were sailing through the water in a long row, I was amazed to see the Intha fishermen practicing their incomparable technique of growing legs and the village people harvesting their harvests from "floating" farm.

Kalaw is a great place to stay for a few nights if you want to be a little busy during your journey, just a few driving lessons away from Inle. Sadly, my stay in Myanmar was over and when I walked away I had the feeling that I wanted to do it again.

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