What is the Official name of Myanmar

So what's the official name of Myanmar?

Burma is the formal, literary form and Burma is an everyday term. As long as you officially recognize this country. For example, the US has no legal or moral reason to officially call Myanmar "Burma". The name Myanmar has increasingly established itself internationally. It was adopted by the United Nations on Thursday.

Defining a Union

Its official name: Union of Myanmar. The Union of, official name of Burma, from the self-denomination of the Myanmar population. Burman - an ancient name for a part of Burma and a mother tongue name for the land, formally elected by the Burma army in 1989. Official name for Burma since 1989.

It then became an autonomous country under UK oversight until 1948, and intensive campaigning by Japans for Burma Road, an important service connection between China and India. Burma was ruled by the army in the 1970' and 1980' and experienced an economic downfall. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag.

In a nutshell, Burma's leaders tell Suu Kyi not to call it Burma.

Myanmar has a more profound and comprehensive story, they said. The use of the old name Burma repeatedly during their visits to the UK and Norway this past months has upset leading officials who rebuked them in the official New Light of Myanmar early this weeks. "Australians have begun to use Myanmar, the Americans have suggested it, and I expect Britain will be the last country to do so.

However, I think Myanmar will be acceptable by the end of the year, if nothing happens," he said.


South-East Asia on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea..... Burma was a provincial area of British India from 1886 to 1937 and a distinct royal settlement from 1937 to 1948 when it achieved autonomy. In 1989 the land was formally re-named Myanmar.

Yangon (Rangoon) is the biggest town. n. Union of, Burma. Nomen1: Myanmar - a hilly country in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal; "Myanmar has a lot of opium",

Myanmar or Burma?

Myanmar or Burma? Burma, the land we've worked in for 20 years, seems to be fighting with its name. Anyone who pays the slightest attention will have seen that the land is labeled with two denominations, Burma and Myanmar. Although I am not a linguist myself, I will try to clarify the difference between the two and why some Myanmar and others say Burma.

Myanmar is what you would call your own land if you were a Myanmar speaker (note that I am not referring to all the Burmans who live in Burma, but to the large ethnical group known as Burma). That'?s the nation's name in Myanmar.

But if you are speaking one of the other of the other ethnical tongues of the county, you may call your own state Burma, or something like that, according to your own language. Oddly enough, the two name Myanmar and Burma both come from the same family. Seems that the humans who came to the land in the 9th centuries called themselves Mranma.

Then, as it went on, the first syllable got truncated and the M became a letter A, and all of a sudden you had the name Bamah, or Burma. So it is correct to say that both of them derive from the name of the tribe that established the pagan kingdom in 849 AD.

These are the Burmese we call the Burmese tribe today, and they are the biggest ethnical group in the state. The British colonised the land and named it Burma. Later ( "Union of Burma" after the British independence). It was then, after the 1962 army putsch, transformed back into the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma.

But in 1989 the army government instructed a commission to check all of Burma's cities and places to make sure that there were no British-affected people. Most of the group consisted of army officers and officers without language proficiency. Once their work was done, it was determined that the real name for the country was Myanmar, not Burma.

It is the official name of the land in the Myanmar langue. Myanmar's name includes the country's various ethnical groups. They were distrustful of Burma's slang which they found submissive. Adversaries of the amendment said that the name Myanmar was actually just a more literary interpretation of the name Burma.

It was also actually irreverent towards other ethnical groups, not more integration. Burmese is not spoken by Burmese minority groups and they have used the name Burma in their own language for many people. For them, the name shift was a pure Burmese name, which reflects a politics of supremacy by the Burmese people's minority and the Burmese army government.

It also challenged the justification for the name being changed by an un-elected army regimes. Following democracy reform in the state in 2011 and 2012, more and more Chinese changed names to Myanmar. A number of states still disagree with the name shift and still call the state Burma.

A number of Burma related periodicals etc. still bear the name Burma. There are many non-governmental organisations that have not yet completed the transformation. Shall we do something about that or not? Do you think we've given up the struggle for independence for the Burmese population?

Do you think they' re going to disrespect us? Are we going to make compromises on what is right and right? Myanmar's official name is unlikely to ever be Burma again. More and more will probably refer to the land as Myanmar, not Burma. In 2015, then, we will make the changes.

Then we will write Myanmar one by one. We are committed to the same, whether we say they are living in a land named Burma or Myanmar. She is not only father of 3 kids, author, graphic design and running, but has been working untiringly for the kids of Burma for 20 years.

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