What is the Nationality of Myanmar

Which nationality does Myanmar have?

Myanmar is a diverse country with many different ethnic groups. What documents do you need? Citizenship and citizenship in the Myanmar Myanmar Forum. From, by or in relation to Myanmar (also known as Burma), or its people or language. Anyone of Myanmar (Burma) or Myanmar descent.

Myanmar People - Population, Nationality and Religion

Citizenship: Inhabitants (officially 2001 est.): 51 million, but no people have been censored since 1983. Year on year increase rates (2001 est.): 2,02%. Ethnical groups: Spoken languages: Myanmar's indigenous people have their own language. Literature men 88.7%; women 77.7% (official government statistics); estimations of operational alphabetisation are nearer at 30%. Heath (? 2001 est.):

Myanmar Burma Citizens A large proportion of the country's approximately 50 million inhabitants are Burmese-Americans. Shans, Karens, Arakanese, Kachins, Chins, Mons and many other smaller tribal communities make up about 30% of the total nationalities. While Burmese is the most widely spread tongue, other communities have maintained their own nationalities. Indians and Chinamen talk different tongues and idioms of their homeland:

Buddhism is Burma's formal religious tradition according to the 1974 constitution. Approximately 89% of the general public practice it. A large part of the local populace does not have access to primary sanitary facilities or flowing waters. Burma's healthcare infrastructures were placed second in the world rankings by the World Public Health Organization (WHO) in 1997. There are high levels of baby death and low expectations of longevity, which illustrate the bad sanitary and social state.

HIV/AIDS is a serious menace to the people of Burma, as are TB and antimalaria. A number of recorded breaches of international humanitarian law have been reported, and the expulsion of ethnical minority groups within the country is also widespread. Millions of people from Burma, many of them ethnical minority, have escaped to neighbouring Bangladesh, India, China and Thailand for economical and politic grounds to look for work and shelter.

We have 10 shelters in Thailand with Burma's ethnic minorities and two in Bangladesh. Throughout Burma, several hundred thousand people work and live in Burma's neighbouring states.

Languages, adjectives and nationalities (#9), by Dennis Oliver

are often the same as the adjectives for different nations, but not always. You can find more information on the name of the country, its adjectives and the words used for its people. United States of MicronesiaMicronesia, Kosrae, Pohnpeian, MonacoMonegasque, Monacan*Monegasque, Special Information: 1 Notice that the adjectives and citizenship used in Madagascar are unusual:

Kosrae, Pohnpeian, Trukese, Yapese. the adjective used and the citizenship shapes for Monaco, but Monegasque is much more frequent. are still used.

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