What is the Meaning of Chin

Wh-what is the meaning of chin?

Gym. to pull yourself up while hanging from a horizontal bar with your hands until your chin is just above the level of the bar. verb intransitive US. verb (used with object), chinned, chin-ning. Gym.

to raise the chin (a horizontal bar on which you hang your hands) by bending your elbows. to this position. The middle anterior part of the mandible. of Word: rhetoric, idioms & A. prep. chin[????] /noun/ ?????; ?????. The SYNONYM is the part of the face under the lower lip.

The Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Phrases, idioms & A. preparation. Kindred phrase, idioms or a....: Sharing'chin' with others: Jealous of ( ??????????) I am not jealous of his wealth. Alert to ( ???????) We were alerted to the notifications. Subordinate to ( ????; ???) He is outnumbered by his neighbor.


Keep your chin up' - meaning and origins of this sentence

What does the sentence "Keep your chin up" mean? What is the source of the sentence'Keep your chin up'? It' s like one of those stirring slogans that have been bored into the youth of Victorian England - like a rigid muzzle. Amazingly, the expression is US.

First use of it I can find is from the Pennsylvania Gazette The Evening Democrat, October 1900, under the headline epigrams about the health-promoting properties of Mirth: "Hold up your chin. - ...in Pennsylvania in 1900.

Chin: Significance of the name Chin

We' re glad you have an idea of Chin's name. You want to go after Chin? You want to go after Chin? Name Chin is a boy's name. It is often included in custom listings like Avatar The Last Airbender and debated in our boards with articles like "Picky Parents BNG".

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Meanings and explanations of chin, Hindi for chin with similar and opposite words. Find also chin pronunciations in Hindi and German. What chin means in Hindi, chin meaning in Hindi, chin description, chin description, chin example and chin accent in Hindi lang.

China-up glossary definitions| Chin-up definitions

August 30, 2018. A chin action or entity that is mainly practised as a workout. August 30, 2018. This is an exercice to strengthen the arm and back by lifting your own body mass while you hang from a pole. More restrictive can be set to criterions such as the armpits that start at lockout, or the chin that requires contacting the bottom of the beam, or contacting the collar to the beam.

August 30, 2018.

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