What is the Country of Burma now known as

Today, what is the country of Burma known as

It is now much easier for travellers to visit Burma than it was recently. Irrespective of this, the name of the country is now the Union of Myanmar. However, the official name of the country in the Burmese language, Myanmar, has not changed. In addition, we regularly receive reports from colleagues and customers visiting the country. I do not think we need to believe now.

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The Burmese army has propagated the name Myanmar as a traditional name for its state since 1989; this resolution has not been endorsed by any of the current legislatures in Burma! That is why we should name Myanmar Burma! That is the proper name of the land. This amendment will mirror a non-judgmental POV as distinct from Myanmar, which means recognising the Burmese army government.

The wiki should be on a neutral footing using Burma/Myanmar. The previous unsigned comments were added by Bow KG (talk - contribs) 15:34, February 6, 2007 (UTC). The name of the item will remain as it is according to the UN-Charta. Occar 02:09, 17 March 2007 (UTC) No, I accept that the name of the item should be modified.

A lot of folks call this land Burma. The United Nations calls this land "Myanmar", it remains as it is. Occar 10:32, March 25, 2007 (UTC) We are doing just that by using Myanmar as the page title158,37,149. After King Thibaw's story and signing of the contract, he used Myanmar and the entire ancient empire used Myanmar, Burma was used only by the colonial government and pro-imperialism.

34- (Speech) 15:20, 24 April 2007 (UTC). Myanmar's name dispute between Burma and Myanmar is becoming a common feature of the West World. Cwantonge 01:38, April 27, 2007 (UTC) This is really a senseless point that has been tightened by various occidental governmens. I' ve been living in Myanmar, and for the local population and in their own tongue the land is called Myanmar.

I' ve hardly ever listened to anyone, except perhaps the general, who calls themselves Myanmar, in the spirit of nationalism. Regardless, the name of the land is now the Union of Myanmar. Myanmar is a heritage name inflicted on the land by colonists. Myanmar's sovereigns (legitimate or not) want the land to be named Myanmar.

There' s so much more to writing about Myanmar, we should just abandon the name question and move on. The previous non-signed comments were added by Surmuppen (talk - contribs) 13:33, April 28, 2007 (UTC). Some of the humans I bumped into from the'Land of the Pagodas' used'Burma'. It was because the regime, the men with the weapons, were changing names and not the overridingly popular lyre.

It' correct that Burma was the name of the English colonists. This is the junta's justification for the name changes. What has always troubled me about the junta's argumentation is that I have always seen the colonialist regime as the plundering of a country's peoples and ressources, which is exactly what so many transnational companies have done with the regime.

It also seemed to me to be Orwellian (in a curious turn of events, George Orwell also happens to be based in Burma as a colonialist ---- fill in the gap--- before you hates imperialism). Over the past eighteen months, many companies have stopped operating in the countryside, often declaring that no deals can be made there without directly benefiting the ruling junta and the violations of people' s freedoms, which include the use of coercive slavery.

Therefore, it is less lucrative to do businesses in the state than to further exploit the peoples, the state and/or the general "business climate" that the government agencies do. Seemingly, the regime colonized its own populace with the conglomerates that were a historical instrument of imperialism/colonialism. Moving the cursor over the link to the different language, there is a variant of Myanmar and Burma, with some of the language versions have no specific tones.

Maybe, what is the dominating use performs? All of them seem to have something like "also known as the other name". I' m not just saying the governing regime, but dominating powers in general. United Nations, the United States, which were the dominating force there, companies that are the dominating force in the United States (and perhaps worldwide), and states in general, which together with companies are the two dominating force in today's global economy.

This is not a referendum on the name of the Burma/Myanmar Rule, because this too would be prejudiced against those who have computer facilities with it. Myanmar's case for Myanmar is imperative and with the capacity to reallocate authority and reverence to those who have been misused in the past as less than people with colonisation.

I would help move the site to Myanmar/Burma to mirror the usual use in the English-speaking countries while recognizing the name of the state. Time Vickers 03:03, September 27, 2007 (UTC) Actually....I am Burmese, and in our own tongue we call the land "Myanmar-pyay", which means "land Myanmar". Also we use "Burma-pyay" (I use this actually many people).

Officially, however, "Burma" is in English, for foreign use (long ago). "Burma " is actually like an ethnical group in the county, and all ethnical groups together were called "Myanmar". Therefore, the name of the land was renamed "Union of Myanmar" to involve and unify all nationalities.

That is why I believe Burma needs stabilisation and economical growth, not revolutions. "I think SimonBillenness seems to misrepresent "Fighting Peacock" as the NLD's "emblem". "The ABSU flag" represents the flagging of our land before we were colonized by the British, which is why the ABSU flagging contained a flagging of peacocks to depict our nation's fight for independence from the British.

On the other side, Peacock is the ABSU's Kyaungthar Tat Oo (Student Front) logo. "The" Studentenfront " is a grand piano within the ABSU that encompasses a group of undergraduates who have vowed to give their life for the greater cause in the name of their state. The fact is that many of our countrys college graduates have passed away under the banner of "Fighting Peacock" in the United States.

Although the "student front" was formally dissolved during the BSPP period and prohibited together with the ABSU, the history of the "student front" with its commitment, sacrifices, bravery and honor has masmerised and captured every young student population. In early 1988 it was the high schools pupils who wore the "Fighting Peacock" banner with their banner as they walked the roads of our city.

During the 1988 rebellion, the 88s immediately took the stance of the "student front", and it was they who were paying the highest prices. The NLD as a post-insurrection faction included the icon of the "fight against the peacock" in its flags to honor the Myanmar student leaders who have always led the fight for their nation and those who sacrificed their life in the name of "democracy" and "freedom".

Not only is Peack a simple portrayal of bravery or liberty, nor is it a simple logotype on the banner of a politician's group, it is much more than that. This is a symbolic sign of Myanmar's "students" bravery, honor and sacrifices; it symbolizes the nation's fight against invasion and domination from abroad; it symbolizes our ancestors; and it symbolizes the militancy of Myanmar's "students".

The NLD and ASSK would not be where they are today if it wasn't for the pupils who waved "Fighting Peacock" banners in 1988. When you said you were for liberty and democratisation, pay tribute to the laureates who led the transition, pay tribute to the laureates who gave up their careers so that the NLD can seat and make complaints about how they won the 1990 elections and are still out of commission.

12 ("Lecture") 18:00, 29 April 2007 (UTC). If you perform various Google Nieuws queries using the most important English-language search engines, you get the following result. Burma, the unofficial Union of Myanmar..... I think it' s the Union of Myanmar, but many people like to call it Burma (even officials).

Mr President, I have been informed of this discussion on Myanmar/Burma and I have studied all the remarks with great care and interest. The use of messaging organisations does not matter. Each dictionary that can be found here and here and here offers different variations that only use the tone of A in Vater for the two ace in Myanmar, and none offer variations with the tone of A in humans.

For a long history, there are many different Myanmar debates (in both the same and different types of English), but they all differ only in where you place the stresses and how you say the Y. All serious resources just list the debate on /?/ as in the ace dad.

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