What is the Capital City of Burma

The capital of Burma?

Burma prefers to relocate its capital. For expats who want to escape the noisy city life, this is the right place. Situated in the new capital of Myanmar, The Lake Garden Nay Pyi Taw, MGaller. Undoubtedly, the first destination is Yangon - the former capital of Myanmar, while the other is also an ancient capital of the country - Mandalay. Myanmar's capital, Naypyidaw.

Burma's new, empty capital

The capital is London, and at the present time it seems all right. However, a nation that is abruptly relocating its capital is not entirely unknown - it is exactly what they did in Burma almost a decade before. Up until 2005, Burma's capital was Rangoon (locally known as Yangon), but in November this year they abruptly designated a square 200 leagues due to move up to the city.

On 6 November 2005 at exactly 6:37 a.m., the country's army regime began relocating some of its departments (apparently this period is regarded as astrological happy). At 11 a.m. five workdays later, 1,100 army lorries with 11 regiments and 11 departments (I assume that this was 11, the fortune number) were leaving the old capital, which had been adjusted to the new one.

Only a few month after the hurried move, the Myanmar authorities chose a name for the new capital - Naypyidaw (officially Nay Pyi Taw), which means "royal capital" or "seat of the king". Much thought was given to the city' s design.

It is subdivided into areas - housing, army, government department, hotels and shops. It also encompasses an area of almost five hectares of internationally designated areas for UN ambassadorial and mission work (so far only Bangladesh has established an ambassador there). Rooftops of apartments are color-coded according to the workplaces of the occupants - for example, those who work in the Department of Health, those who work in the Department of Agriculture have turquoise rooftops and those who work in the Department of Agriculture have leafy shelters.

It also houses Burma's biggest Zoological Garden, a National Herbal Reserve, a aquatic reserve, a precious stone factory and a nightly lightshow aquatic pen. Naypyidaw has been Burma's capital for almost 10 years, but much of it is still a haunted city.

According to goverment officials' notes, 924,000 live here, but the photographs taken in the city show only empty avenues. From the photographs I have seen, the peak time on the city's 20-lane motorways seems to be made up of two ladies with a broom and a man on a shaky bike.

Nobody is quite sure why the Myanmar authorities have chosen to relocate the capital. Officially, Rangoon was overcrowded and did not allow much expansion. It was also said (unofficially) that the capital may have been relocated to the center of the land so that it was more secure from external attacks (Rangoon is near the coast), or that the new city' s new city' s design would make the upheaval and the fall much more difficult.

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