What is Myanmar like

What's Myanmar like?

" It feels like a program that is finally supposed to drive everyone away," she said. How a realistic solution for Myanmar's Rakhine State crisis could look like. Yangon, Myanmar. One type of traditional clothing, the Longyi is a beautiful way to dress. After sharing some useful information, we try to answer the question "Why should I go to Myanmar?

5 good reason to think twice before you visit Myanmar

But despite its expanding fame as the next major destination in the word, Myanmar just doesn't ship - at least not yet. There are five things to consider before you book your ticket: Burma is overestimated. However, the land does not meet the applause of innumerable travellers who have been anointing it to the place where it is supposed to be.

Myanmar's population is among the most friendly and sincere in the whole wide globe. However, if the expectation is not lowered and the towns of Mandalay and Yangon are not completely remodeled, travellers may be frustrated. Burma is not pricey at all. But despite the upsurge in the tourist sector, the recent surge in visitor numbers has enabled hotels and travel operators to demand a reward for average goods and service, which means that travellers don't get much for all the crunchy, unpleated US dollar they have to pay.

Thankfully, for those who look at, say, the $400 ballooning over Bagan split, they better make sure they got enough money, otherwise the shortage of ATM' that will be coupled with the increased prizes will strictly ban their travel experiences. Myanmar is a land bounded by the gastronomic behemoths of Thailand, China and India, and one might think Myanmar serves some of the best dishes in the world.

It is the best known product in the land - a rotten-smelling pasta made from hidden seafood that has been fermenting below ground for a whole weekend - to soothe the expectations of those seeking good cooking. As the coaches, rucksacks and belt bags in most touristic places show, the opportunity to be among the "first" travellers to Myanmar is long gone.

The more distant places like Pyin Oo Lwin and Kyaiktiyo have also seen their proportion of the visitor. This is because the state either refuses visits to foreign countries or needs more funds and time-consuming authorisations than most are willing to use. Is the name of the land "Burma" or "Myanmar"?

Crucial for travellers is what the name shift means - that the nation's overallitarian regime can and will do what it wants, no matter what the public says. Do you want to edit the name of the land? By the end of the morning, the land is an amazing place, as my missus and I recently found out during a 28-day-trip.

It is also one that can undoubtedly offer an memorable and worthwhile travelling adventure as long as travellers meet their research and expectation before their journey.

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