What is Myanmar known for

Myanmar is known for what?

It was prosecuted by law enforcement officials from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and China. Every trip to Myanmar should include its largest city and former capital Yangon. Burma (or Myanmar as it is now officially called) is associated with the dominant ethnic group, the Burmese. Burma is known for its curry dishes, especially with fish, chicken, prawns or spiced with ginger, garlic, salt, onions, shrimp paste and peanut oil. Burma, formerly known as Burma, has always been a spiritual place.

Burma is known in Myanmar (Burma).

Yangon's Shwedagon Paya, Mandalay's Mahamuni Paya and Bagan's level of temple should not be overlooked, but there are also many other lesser-known buddhistic places of worship that will dazzle you with their natural beauties and sacred strength. Swesandaw Paya Take the Yangon River to Twante and this 2500 year old pass.

The Mrauk U Falls under the banner of the old Rakhine capitol, peppered with destroyed and renovated churches and convents. Food on the streets There are sellers all over Myanmar offering great, inexpensive food and drinks, but the best choice is in Yangon. The Myanmar Tea House breakfasts or tea house tea treats are a one-of-a-kind event that offers more than just a decaffeinated buzz.

Pedal to this vineyard outside Nyaungshwe to taste Shan Hills grapewines. The Bogyoke Aung San Music Drop from this historical Yangon handicraft fair from all over the world. Together with Pindaya and Hsipaw Kalaw is one of the places in Myanmar for brief, easy organized mountain trekking.

Ballooning Marvel at Bagan's temple, bathing in the lovely sunset sunlight, from the baskets of a warm-bloon. White-water Contact Icy Myanmar in Putao to organize white-water canyoning tours on the lovely streams in the far north with class 3 or 4 canals. INDAWAGYI Wetland WILD LIFE Sanctuary This is an exciting opportunity to observe birds and animals on this northerly water.

Climb this 10.016ft summit in Chin State, Myanmar's second highest hill. The Myeik Archipelago Spectacular scuba dives await the adventure seekers of these tropical Myanmar isles. This tranquil water, lined with swamps, swimming pools, stilts home towns and buddhistic shrines, justifies the fad. A 10-storey sitting Buddhas watch over Pyay, whose hilly position offers a wide view of the city.

The National Landmark Garden Survey the show of the surf real capitol Nay Pyi Taw in these small-scale parks with the greatest sights of Myanmar. The Gokteik Viaduct Peer on a thickly wooded gorge as your platoon rattled over Myanmar's longest and highest railroad overpass. The Kyaingtong mingle with Shan and tribesmen from the nearby mountains at the main square and the twice-weekly aquatic mart.

Hipaw Trek out of this small rural city to meet Shan and Palaung village dwellers. Proud of its Kachin civilization, Myitkyina hosts two large, colorful feasts, one of which is a new one reuniting Lisu village dwellers from both sides of the Myanmar-Chinese frontier. Arrange Loikaw tours to Kayan towns in the Kayah state capitol, which has recently been opened to the public.

Meik In this south Myanmar harbour you will meet offspring of China and India merchants as well as Bamar, Mon and Moken (sea gypsies). Kinnstaat Here the predominantly Christian chin inhabitants are spending their Sunday in the many local church.

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