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There are four provinces: Saraburi (west), Nakhon Nayok (east), Nakhon Ratchasima (north) and Prachinburi (east). Bangkok, the capital and largest city, is a special administrative area. Somehow Thailand is where all this crazy blog started. Explore the best sights in Thailand, including Jim Thompson House, Wat Pho, Sukhothai Historical Park. There are seven travel myths you should take with a grain (or two) of salt.

Best 25 Activities in Thailand

In Southeast Asia Thailand is the number one destination for tourists and it is hard to understand why. It' s hard to understand why Thailand is often referred to as the "land of smiles". There are innumerable rides and hotspots that I could put on this listing, but I have limited them to the top 25 things to do in Thailand:

Throughout 150 years the Royal Mint, its royal seat, its courtyard and the whole Thai administration were housed in the Mint. Enormous ramparts were constructed around the building and office in 1782 to make it the current landmark of the city.

Twenty-five Best Things to Do in Thailand:

The 10 best activities in Thailand

Thailand's world-famous rides are well documentated on TV, used as the setting in several Hollywood films and repeatedly appear in contemporary notions. Experiencing the Grand Palace in action or watching a sun set on Railey Beach or approaching Phi Phi Phi Don for the first case will give even a tempered traveler a shower and the shower of gliding past a Phang Nga Bay chalk stone gig.

You will be enchanted and even stunned by Thailand's rugged natural beauties from northern Thailand in Chiang Mai to the luxuriant Krabi South. When there is a sightseeing attraction in Bangkok, it is the shimmering, stunning Grand Palace, without a doubt the most celebrated of all. Constructed in 1782 - and for 150 years the residence of the Thai king, the royal courtyard and the residence of the Thai parliament - the Grand Palace impresses the visitor with its fine details and fine architectural design - a proud greeting to the Thai people's creative and handicrafts.

We strongly recommend that the visitor to the Great Palace dresses in a courteous manner; misdressed guests may be denied access. Phang Nga Bay is situated northeast of Phuket and is an almost singular place in the whole wide globe (only Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has a certain similarity). One of the special features of Phang Nga Bay are the steep rocks of lime stone rising perpendicularly from the emerging sea.

The best way to experience the beautiful landscape, with only short meetings with the masses of tourists like James Bond and Koh Pannyi, is one of the cruises from the north end of Phuket. An unhurried excursion through the tragic lime stone islets, which sometimes stops on calm shores, is far more worthwhile than a normal coach rip.

The group of cliffs and islets is 90 min by fast ferry off the Phang-Nga shore, or eight or longer hrs by low speed ferry from Phuket. Bangkok's colorful swimming fairs are known to many through the omnipresent photographs in guidebooks and tourebooks. Although today's shops are more geared towards the tourism than the natives, the swimming craft are still stacked with delicious exotic fruits and veg, clean, ready-to-drink dried orange juices and locally grown dishes from swimming cuisines.

In order to savour the ambience without bargaining over price, try to relax on a river cruise at Damnoen Saduak Mark. Others buoyant fairs are Bang Ku Wiang and Damnoen Saduak. Only a 45-minute fast cruise and a 90-minute ferry from Phuket, these beautiful and beautiful archipelago of postcards provide the perfect outing.

Classical shores, breathtaking cliffs and lively blue water full of colorful sea creatures - a perfect heaven. The Doi Suthep is an integral part of Chiang Mai people. There is a Thai saying: "He who has not tried Khao Soi or seen the views from Doi Suthep was not in Chiang Mai.

Apart from its dominant horizonal appearance, Doi Suthep is home to some of the most popular icons in the kingdom, including Wat Prathat Doi Suthep Temple and Bhubing Palace. Now, all well-versed travellers, railay is one of Thailand's most sought-after beaches.

Ao Nang Beach, around a cliff and only reachable by ferry, Railay offers a quiet and exceptional area. On just a small Peninsula you will find beautiful sandy whitewash shores, rising lime rocks, lookouts, caverns and a tidal and feeding waterfall.

Today the Ayutthaya temples and palaces are an impressive memento of Siam's illustrious past and one of the most dark epochs in Thai music. King Taksin, after he fought his way out of Ayutthaya, then insulted by a Myanmar military, is thought to have reached this sanctuary just as daybreak began.

Later he had the sanctuary restored and re-named Wat Chaeng, the sanctuary of dawn. In his Thonburi period Wat Chaeng was the main shrine that once preserved the Emerald Buddha and another important Buddha painting, the Phra Bang, both of which had been taken from Vientiane.

Khao Yai is Thailand's second biggest Nationalpark (.2.168 kmĀ²) and one of the most frequented Nationalparks. Khao Rome, the highest summit, is 1,351 meters above the surface. With its luxuriant mountain scenery, verdant gorges, stomping cascades and abundant bio-diversity, Khao Yai is a year-round excursion just three hour's driving from Bangkok.

It is also home to a wealth of wildlife with 320 bird and 67 mammal and plant varieties.

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