What is Happening in Thailand right now

What's happening in Thailand?

Thailand-style cave boys shave their heads to become Buddhist monks. The LGBT activism like the fight for'animal rights', says Penang mufti. The media in Thailand in general have been silenced (literally) Well, not exactly true, but they will certainly give you a dirty look if you talk them down in any way. At the moment, the third rescue operation is underway in Thailand. In the second quarter, Thai Airways International continued to lose money as high fuel prices affected margins, but the loss decreased compared to the previous year.

These Is What?s Happening in Thailand Right Now - The Other Protest Nobody Is Talking About

With an end to the protest in Ukraine in the offing, it seems that in Venezuela and Thailand, there is a growth in violent activity. Although the Thai protest has continued since November, the last few weeks have seen a particularly violent turnaround, resulting in fatalities on both sides of the conflict: the demonstrators and the policemen.

So if you haven't followed the protest in Thailand, here's an introduction to bring you up to date: What's going on? Four demonstrators were killed during the demonstration in Thailand at the end of the week. Also a policeman is said to have been killed in the clash. You protest against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and the supposed corrupt practices in her administration.

Yingluck's sibling, Thaksin, is the former premier who has been found responsible for corrupt practices and taken out of office by a war. She has been in London and Dubai since 2006, but is blamed for having influenced Thailand's policy with Yingluck, who is little more than a marionette to her little boy.

Indignation hit a peak in November when Yingluck suggested an act of grace for her little sister, paving the way for his comeback to Thailand and political life. Although the law was rejected outright, gunshots had already been launched and the protest took over. Why do the demonstrators want this?

You will not be satisfied that Yingluck and Thaksin will be taken off sovereignty on a permanent basis. Most of the demonstrators, both city and bourgeois, want to vote for a new "People's Council" to take the place of the corruption of the state. It will be headed by Suthep Thaugsuban, a former vice-premier who has sworn to initiate policy reforms.

Mr Yingluck appealed for an electoral process early this months, but the demonstrators disrupted the elections and organised a mass blackout on the grounds that it would not have been a just and open one. What was the violence of the protest? Since the beginning of the November protest, around ten lives have been lost, although several hundred others have been wounded.

The fatal collisions last week-end were the result of a shock increase in the level of force. In most cases, demonstrators have blocked roads and barricaded official building, so the administration imposed a state of exception last months. So far, about 145 demonstrators have been detained by local law enforcement. The Yingluck (above) has maintained a bold look in the face of tooth flank clearance.

" One of the most influential bodies in Thailand, the army has declined to take sides in the war. Venerable F├╝hrer King Bhumibol Adulyadej has appealed for "stability and security", even though he has declined to take a direct stand on the developing war. At the moment, the dispute between the Yingluck followers and the demonstrators continues.

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