What is Burmese Food

So what's Burmese food?

Food in Myanmar has its own special identity. Before our visit to Burma we hadn't heard much about the food. Some photos and articles from some of the food you can expect on your trip through Burma Myanmar. More ideas about Burmese food, curry and noodles. It is now officially Myanmar, but many Americans know the Southeast Asian country best as Burma.

Here is why you need to get to know Burmese food

Burmese cuisine has not received the kind of recognition it should receive from all of Asia cuisine that has expanded across the planet. There is a more than comprehensible statement for this, because the state has been insulated for almost 50 years by a oppressive army regime. As" the second most secluded nation in the word after North Korea", says film-maker Robert Liebermanhe, who made a Myanmar film in 2012, the nation suffered serious breaches of international humanitarian law that the rest of the planet is still noticing.

Despite the abandonment of Myanmar by the Burmese army in 2011, the Burmese army still has significant impact on the Myanmar administration and the Burmese economy is still suffering from repression, severe levels of livelihood deprivation and serious interethnic wars. Nevertheless, Myanmar is making significant advances towards a more open and democratic state.

Obama's 2012 Yangon trip and the opening of the tourist industry throughout the nation will allow the Myanmar region to be observed. The one thing they will certainly observe with growing interest is food. The Burmese cuisine, like most domestic kitchens, is the total of many local parts. Burma is a land of many ethnic groups, each with its own specific food and cuisine.

Some of the standardising features that surround this varied land are the overwhelming acidity and hearty flavours that predominate the food and the trend to serve meals with a barrel of side orders - be it soup, cooked vegetable, herb or dip and paste cups. Like in many Asiatic lands, travel is the mainstay of the diet of many Myanmarans.

A further central theme in Burmese cooking is the omnipresent use of lettuces, which are prepared with everything under the suntan. No matter if pasta, paddy or vegetable, everything can be turned into a Burmese lettuce that is crispy, aromatic and acid. After all, the omnipresent impact of global food, especially from China and India, can be found throughout Myanmar.

Myanmar has a rich dining experience, and as the flood turns in this intriguing "golden land," as the nation is known, more and more folk will recognize the fame of the country's rich and singular cuisine. Myanmar will no longer be the "undeserved laggard in the US kitchen hierarchy", as the New York Times puts it.

It' dinner ready to take your breath away before the outside is over. Here you will find an introduction to the main local produce, cuisines, cooking and food style and some of the most famous Burmese cuisines.

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