What is Burma now

So what is Burma now?

It was possible to make a general ascent and the. "Nobody knows what to charge for imported goods because nobody knows what the Burmese currency is worth," says a Rangoon resident. Rohingya are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group living in Burma's western Rakhine state. Twice he met with Burma's most famous citizen, Aung San Suu Kyi. Thank you for the generous donations to support Nojumu, including the support of @BurmaTaskForce.


It is difficult to disregard the pure cruelty of ARSA's activities, which have given an indestructible imprint to the lives of the victims with whom we have spoken"'This is one of the most cyclone-prone areas of the underworld. It' s a scary prospect' These are humans who have seen their kids being cast on fire. Who is this fight for liberty?

Muslims are "starved out" by the Myanmar military as a new tidal wave flows into Bangladesh.

Restricted supplies of humanitarian assistance by the Burmese army and state caused a major emergency in Burma that made it virtually impossible to keep a quarter of a million Rohingya in the Burmese state of Rakhine, said Tun Khin, president of the Burmese Rohingya Association UK. "Rohingya are now starving to death from Burma, and unless genuine pressures are exerted on the Burmese administration and army to remove the relief and physical constraints, most.... will be squeezed out within weeks," he said.

Some 519,000 people have arrived in Bangladesh since 25 August, when Rohingya fighters attacked Rakhine state citadel. Another flood of displaced people, fuelled by fear of hunger and force, escaped to Bangladesh on Monday. However, many others have run aground on Burma's Maungdaw beaches, without meals and lodging, and are not able to afford to pay human traders to take them to a safe place across the river Naf.

Mister Tun, who has just come back from Bangladesh, said to the telegraph that they had desperately escaped because the army had hindered their access to nourishment and was protecting "Rakhine extremists" who had taken everything from them. "that the army is preventing us from going from one place to another.

I' ve no lunch. The allegations of Mr. Tun were backed by a UN graphical reportage published on Wednesday that deported the violent efforts of the Myanmar people to expel the Muslim Rohingyas by burning their houses, harvests and towns to stop them from coming back. It says "credible information" showed that the police intentionally destroyed properties, land, food, cattle and even a tree.

The UN said in a statement on 65 recent refugee interviewers in Bangladesh that the "evacuation operations" had started before the rebels hit the polices in August, pointing to intentional cuts in the supply of human necessities, restricted humanitarian aid and indiscriminate detentions. A 12-year-old woman described how her little brother was killed by guard who encircled her house.

Burma Human Rights Network, located in the UK, has demanded immediate and full humanitarian relief in Rakhine. So far, 9 million has been funded, 3 million of which has been provided by the state. In the meantime, the Myanmar administration gave in to unprecedented humanitarian pressures on Wednesday, providing 600 homes in the town of Ah Nauk Pyin with emergency relief for the first family in three month.

The Minister for Aid and Relocation Win Myat Aye said the administration would help all those at risk.

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