What is Burma like

How is Burma?

And I wanted a first-hand experience like Anthony Bourdain. How are the toilets in Myanmar? Alternatively, head south to one of our favourite areas and kayak some of Myanmar's most impressive caves. Do you want to explore Burma on your own? Myanmar, also known as Myanmar, is one of the larger countries of Southeast Asia and also one of the poorest.

How does it feel to be living in Burma?

Visiting many places, even as a native it will take a long way to every well known place in Myanmar. Simply go to a near-by couch and even if you are not a Buddhist or a Buddhist of religion, the surroundings around a couch will calm you down. You fuck with the right guys, even if you're right, you're gonna be pain.

Read an essay about some technology accomplishments overseas: well, they are, they can do beautiful things in their world? Friend from abroad show screen shots of the down-load speed: dang..... For the first visit abroad, he sees his own compatriots doing things that shame the land and the people: WHY DO YOU do THIS?

Listening to the salaries of friends with similar skills abroad and sharing them with their own salaries :..... gets 10... Lucky for the nation's first ever democratically achieved (no mater how deficient it may be), you can still see and hear the peoples turning away from it. But I really don't know how the wealthiest or impoverished are feeling in Burma.

Myanmar: just incredible - Saya

Travellers often begin their journey in the former capitol and for many it is an exiting cultural-schock. It is a bustling town, often powdery, stinking in places and all-year-round. Unlike its well-polished neighbors Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, Yangon is not. Yangon is in many ways what used to be South East Asia towns, a truly one-of-a-kind traveler.

Saying that Inle is picturesque is an exaggeration, it is one of the places to be visited in Myanmar. No wonder that a boating tour on the lakeside is one of the top pursuits. In essence, the boot is a handmade wood cannon (you can see where they are made) with an motor on the back that suits 2-4 persons, this is an perfect sized so you can see all the small channels down to the area.

Sailing into and out of the swimming towns and farmhouses, the ship will pass the renowned single-legged fisherman, who only paddle with their feet on the ground so that they have both free to fish, and stop at the nearby market, monastery and factory for silks.

Following a strenuous getaway in the magnificent countryside, you' ll arrive at the Red Mountain Wine Estate, one of two wineries in South East Asia. In February and March you can see the bunches harvested by the native tribesmen in typical Pa-O clothing.

It is not only one of Burma's most remarkable and impressive landmarks, but also one from Southeast Asia. To see the approximately 3000 scarlet walled Stupa rising from the dust yard of Bagan in the early hours of dawn or the purple sundown will be remembered forever. Some special sanctuaries are known to have the best sunrises and sunsets, but that will change soon.

As of September 2017, the Ayuntamiento authorities will ban rock climbers from these holy places, but you can still enjoy magnificent vistas across the plain as they form artificial mounds. If you feel lazy, take a hot air balloon flight at dawn for the final look. This atmospheric town, made popular by Rudyard Kipling (who was never here), George Orwell and Frank Sinatra, is often the last place to remain on many routes in Myanmar.

Within the town Mandalay Hill is a must, you can either climb it on foot, which lasts about 45 min, or take a cab to the summit. Its main attractions are the four antique towns of Inwa, Mingun, Amarapura and Sagaing, each with its own century of its own past and ancestry.

Just lean back and unwind as you drive past brittle monuments and old tea cloisters. Most of Mandalay's nearby antique cities has even more great monuments to see, plus a half hours cruise along the Ayeyarwady River. In order to escape the masses of people, you should hire a yacht from a retailer on site to get an even better view.

Now go and see this country you don't know as long as it is with real characters who would like to take you through its past and present.

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