What is Burma Called now

What's Burma's name now?

Yangon became Yangon, Pegu became Bago, Maymyo became Pyin Oo Lwin - and Burma became Myanmar. The name Myanma is the literary, written name of the country and Bama is more colloquial. In this blog we explain why we call it Myanmar and not Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi, now a Nobel laureate, has been released from house arrest. So what do you call it again?

If it' Burma or Myanmar: What is a name?

Burma's junta has argued that the name "Myanmar" includes more minority groups, but since the two mean the same thing, the critic quickly points out that this line of reasoning makes no use. Burma " and "Myanmar" are not particularly included with non-Bamarian minority groups - of which there are many in Burma.

Burma was chosen by the British as the name of their settlement, and after the 1948 reunification it was agreed that "Burma" would remain. However, in 1989, the Burma bombing took over, killing the pro-democracy rallies and blockading the National League for Democracy. 2. Soon they started to change things - even the spelling of many of Burma's placeholders.

Yangon became Yangon, Pegu became Bago, Maymyo became Pyin Oo Lwin - and Burma became Myanmar. One part of the motivation was to establish place nouns that better reflect the real language of Burma's words - which made perfect sense but the officers were also driven by the wish to eliminate the remnants of the country's collonialism.

However, furious pro-democracy activists declined to accept the new term "Myanmar" because they did not recognize the legality of Burma's army rule - and so the Burma/Myanmar issue became a dispute between the two. The Hindu daily in India in 2012 declared Aung San Suu Kyi's love of Burma:

I' ll tell you why I use Burma. Myanmar has been known as Burma since the war. All of a sudden, after the 1988 junta rule, just like that, out of the blue without you being able to say goodbye to the Burmese population, they proclaimed that Burma would from now on be formally known as Myanmar in English, and it would be Myanmar in the UN and so on.

This is because Myanmar related to all the nations of that land, while Burma is firstly a collective name and secondly had to do only with the Burmese population. "First of all, I am against changing the name of a nation without referring to the will of the nation, without the politeness to ask the nation what they might think.

Secondly, it is not the case that Myanmar means all the people of Burma. It' s just the literal name for Burma, I think, that is the ethnical Burmese[use]. Third, this deal of the nickname of colonialism, that it is a name imparted by Spanish imperialism, I believe this is the kind of common sense that relies on the absence of self-confidence.

Asia's largest and most influential nations: none of the companies' name comes from them. This nomenklative hoo-ha made the whole of the English-speaking part of the country wonder what they should do. With the country formerly known as Burma moving towards a democratic transition, from the 2011-12 reform process to the National League for Democracy's election win last year, what should we do?

With the name Inside Burma Tours, as you can see, this is a topic of great interest to us. As Aung San Suu Kyi entered the table in November 2015, we were curious whether she would repeat her refusal of the name "Myanmar" or eventually agree to its use.

Woman said that everyone is free to use what they want, "because there is nothing in the state of our land that says that one must use a certain term". During his 2012 trip to Burma/Myanmar, President Obama used exactly the same hedge tactics and used both terms in exchange.

Both Suu Kyi and Obama recognize the importance of the diplomatic process. Burma's army chiefs are at last giving the game away, and it would be foolish to annoy them with something as trivial as a name. When you are looking for a vacation in Burma (Myanmar), don't wait to contact one of our experienced coaches!

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