What is a Muse

A muse is what

No food, no water, no drugs, no sex or whatever else you need as long as you have muse. To use muse in a sentence. The noun means a person - especially a woman - who is a source of artistic inspiration. The muse can also refer to deep thinking. Like being a muse.

The reason why men love a muse

that turns an average man into a hot breeze of creativity?" Which magic proces allows him to create, form, draw, create or create a masterwork from the sky by focusing on the subject of his desires? Whereas men are more likely to fantasise about and be influenced by men than men, men are often more inclined to give up all decency and lose themselves in creativeness, while men have the common understanding to use this trend of men.

She is known for her relation to Gustave Klimt, known for "The Kiss" and one of the most powerful artists who raised Vienna to the state of a Paris or Rome at the turn of the world. Klimt's involvement in this "golden age" of the arts was fuelled by fine ladies, especially Emilie.

Notice the casual, matching look she wears in the "Portrait of Emilie Floge" on the right. Picasso may have been the figurehead for the concept of museum arts. Whilst Klimt limited his sex life to his own designs, thus enabling him to run longer with his muse Emilie, Picasso had burning and ultimately gruesome connections with many of his inspired masters.

From worship to a complete disdain for the woman in his lifetime, he lost his inspirations and a new muse came along. "Are you a man who needs a muse to get you going? You may find it useful to make a checklist of things that might inspire you. Attempt to imagine what or who you worship, clutch, cherish, love them.

How do you think you are living and breathing? So what is inspiring or lifting you? Are you enthusiastic about what is it? So what is it that makes you angry enough to act? How can you help you set and reach your objectives? Now, make a note of what motivates or motivates you every day. We' re touched by the lower impulses in Maslow's hierarchy of value, but each of us strives for a higher level of motivations such as appreciation or self-realization.

When your muse can raise you to the higher levels and allow you to be the best you can be, then go for it. There are, of course, those who say that the muse phenomena is only the electrochemistry of allure. There is an appealing female and the hypothalammus emits neurotransmitter - norepinephrine, norepin, serotonin as well as a synthesis of chemical give us the feeling of being in love "head over heels".

Powered by these stimuli, we get a high degree of emotion and creativity for a few years at the most when the expertise wears off and the "long-distance" chemistry takes over oxytocin and petrodrink. Anyone who has seen it knows that the muse's kind of attractiveness and lust begins somewhere beyond endocrine and neurotransmitter, and although we relish intoxication when our bodies respond, it is the psychological and psychic dimension that gives it a conduit and purpose.

It is one of the main issues of the muse relation to balance the stream of emotive energies. Best muse relations include motivations on psychological, emotive and spirit level as well as pure bodily allure. Burning through the web looking for inspirational women's samples, I found a long listing of girls who may be perfect and idols, but not my vision of a muse.

For example, Oprah Winfrey is an astonishing example, but not what most men are looking for to drive them to high level expression. Gwyneth Paltrow is shaped by Anne Bancroft into the quintessential heart-breaking museum in the marvelous make-up of Great Expectations. It is an example of the most horrible types of muses - unanswered and eventually devastating emotion.

So what is it that motivates you most to be imaginative?

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