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I can do all I can to share some links with you and let you read and be informed: This paper is based on the following thesis: As in the other pagodas of Burma, women are omnipresent. At the age of seven, Myanmar's boys began training as novice monks. These funds can also be used to support staff and doctoral students visiting Rohingya and other Burmese refugees outside Burma.

Would a Burmese ruby be more valuable?

German (US) English (UK) ???? Each mine manufactures a broad spectrum of qualities. Being from a well known mine does not mean that a Rubin is of good qualitiy. Influences the value of rubies? What is a "created" ruby? The Burmese JADE Act of 2008?

It is the most delicate colour for ruby.

It is the most delicate colour for ruby. Appreciated for their attractiveness, longevity and rareness, it is the colour qualitiy that defines the value of ruby most. It has a deep colour of dove' bloody colour, that of a reddish hanging basket, a highly intense fluorescing amber. There has always been a great need for Burma Ruby precious stone grade, as Burma mine notes go back almost 500 years.

Ruby, Java and other gemstones are the fifth biggest exporter of Burma (Myanmar) but it is well known that the government's figures are not reliable. Ruby and jadebuy is on Myanmar's gemstone auction, but every year gemstones valued at tens of billions of dollars are traded across the border to China, Thailand and India at open markets.

Myanmar Ruby is the best, for one plain explanation - its colour. Burma Rubie's most popular places are in the Mogok district of North Burma and Mong Hsu, about 250 km eastwards of Mandalay. Roubins have a tendency towards significant inclusion, so eye-clean individuals are scarce.

Burma Ruby's pricing and value can differ greatly according to the gem's dimensions and qualities. Lots of gems are cheaper, cheaper and you can really see what you are buying for. One of the most important part of getting the right prize and getting the best value is to see what you get first.

An ornamental frame hides the enclosures within a gemstone and can intensify or lighten its colour. It is much easier to examine the gemstone with a free piece and see what it really is. Choose the precise colour, polish, form and diversity of the gemstone for the settings of your choice, be it yellows, whites, platines or siver.

Myanmar Ruby is the best and most coveted ruby in the run. Myanmar ruby is the yardstick by which all other ruby are assessed. Both sapphires and ruby are corundums, whereas ruby is the name of it. The colourless colour of aluminium oxide is the product of micronutrients.

One example of the production of blue saphire is a mixture of the two. The colours of the Sapphir are blau, pinks, yellow, grün, lilac, oranges, padparajah, blau grün, zitronengelb, farbwechsel und schwarz. Saphire and ruby are ultra-tough, long-lasting and can be used for all types of jewellery, with a 9 on the Moh series.

The ruby and sapphire have the same triangular crystal texture because they have three levels of balance and four alignments. A ruby can have an irregular or shell-like hernia, but not a true décolleté. Burmese ruins have a glass-like (glass-like) lustre, unlike the wax-like, oily or resin-like lustre of other gemstones.

AL2O3 (aluminium oxide) is the fundamental element of aluminium oxide. 2. Burma Ruby's reddish colour is primarily due to the existence of chrom. Burmese ruby's passion for colour is just one of the reasons why this gem is so popular. Like all corundums it is highly resistant with a firmness of 9 on the Mohs dial.

Myanmar ruby has a density of 4.00, a refraction index of 1.76 - 1.78 and a refraction of 0.008. Precious stone grade Myanmar ruby is scarce and pure gemstones over 1 carats are extremly scarce and achieve the highest price in the precious stone industry. Colour is the most important determinant of the value of a Burma ruby.

In fact, the colour of a ruby is more important than its clearness. Myanmar Ruby is uncommonly pure and even very costly rocks can be easily contained. However, slight colour variations can lead to significant value variations. The best are middle or middle deep reds, too deep or too bright ones are clearly inferior.

Even though Myanmar, Asian, Thai as well as Chambodian ruby have the same chemistry and physics, they differ significantly in colour and shade, with Burma ruby being the top of the gemstone.... Burma ruby shows a real reddish to pink colour in most types of sun. The ruby of Thailand and Cambodia is usually more dark and brown in colour, similar to shells.

A little more delicate ruby from Tanzania and Mozambique has recently appeared on the Japanese rubyarket. Although sold at high price, they seldom have the same fluorescing qualities as the best Myanmar Ruby. Oval, curvature, cushion and Emeraldschnitte are the most frequent sections for burmesian ruby, due to the characteristic Korundform.

Further favourite forms are bulbs, briolets, hearts and marques that reflects the daylight that makes a small planet appear in the moon. There are three pairs of fibres in a six-beam stellar ruby. Experienced editors can sometimes produce a 12-beam stellar ruby, but they are seldom. TreatmentsThe heat treating of aluminium oxide is widespread and a recognised improvement procedure (if no other colouring agents are added).

The thermal processing can increase the translucency and colour of the stone. Burma Ruby is durable and does not need any particular maintenance for hot bricks. Inferior quality jewels are often stuffed with leaden crystal to enhance their colour and clearness. There is more controversy about new therapies that are used to make bluish, rose, orange as well as yellowness gemstones.

Colour is obtained by a colour change procedure that involves the adding of external components to obtain the required colour change. Finding a Burmese subtle reddish red jewel that has not received any high-temperature refinement means finding a truly precious and precious stone. Myanmar's best-known spring for high-quality jewels is the Mogok stone area.

For over 800 years, this has been the world's leading gemstone ruby resource. Whilst good samples can be found in Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and some other countries, none can be compared to the cleanliness and intensities of Burma's most subtle "pigeon blood" ruby. Approximately 650 kilometres upstate from Burma's main city Rangoon (Yangoon) in Katha County in northern Burma is a 180 sq km area of densely overgrown rolling countryside, several ethnical groups and one of the most scenic areas in the state.

Mogok' ruby owes its intensive elegance to two different visuals. The first is the pureness and satiety of the colour that these precious stones have in common. 2. All in all, this results in an invincible mix of colour springs and a bright colour tone that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. and sapphires are many.

According to tradition, the first man to carry sapphire was Prometheus, Zeus' competitor, who took the precious stone from Cacaus, where he also took the fire from heaven for man. The Persians, known as the "gem of the sky," thought that Sapphire was a base mounted sapphire and that its reflection gave the heavens its colours.

It is a traditional saying that Moses received the Ten Commandments on diamond plates, which makes him the holiest gem. Due to their godly favour, they were the gem of the king's and high priest's world. Emperor of Britain, the crown jewels are full of large royalty.

Sapphire, the custodians of virginity, symbolise truths, honesty and fidelity and should offer rest, happiness and knowledge to their ancestors. Antiquity thought that when the sapphire user stood in front of a challenge, the strength of the gemstone allowed him to find the right one. It was thought in India that a sapphire dipped in pure waters forms an elastic that can heal the bites of serpents and scorps.

In the following myth, of Burma origins, the link between Sapphire and fidelity is highlighted: "Aeons ago stood Tsun-Kyan-Kse, a golden-haired godsdess with sapphire-blue-eyed, loving over the Lao-Tsuntempple. False perpetrators ran away crying out of terror not to come back, and in gratefulness for his bravery, the gold godsdess Sinh lent her deep pink eye.

" It is still standing and is inhabited by Siameses with conspicuous bluish coloured cats. They have been a favourite betrothed and married ring for centuries. For millennia, Burma Ruby has been the most precious gem in the game.

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