What Happening in Thailand right now

What's happening in Thailand?

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Indeed, we know that these four young men inside receive a kind of health care that is re-united with their family, as they should be after quite an ordeal. In fact, these four young men have been given a lot of blood. When you said the bailout was on a break this evening, it's pitch-black, what you did is transport every kid. While diving is whether these guys panicked because most of them, if not all of them were not.

Circumstances are something that even the most expert diver would find frightening, so it is certainly noteworthy that these young men can get out of this cavern in one part. They certainly praise the saving effort, but now they are verifying that the amount of darkness was the reason for the delay.

Until then, it was such an emotive rollercoaster, because for nine whole nights nobody knew if the guys were still out there. If others have given up hopes that these are in Thailand. I always thought they would stay home as the young ones who are still living, and we see these pictures there smile.

How are the homes doing at the moment, I know that there was a specific area for them or their favourite facility so that they can do it. to the toxin they got to the infirmary. We' ve been here for the cops to take us back, probably to protect our private lives.

However, right now the whole wide globe is looking to know about the history, there are so many who do. But what's the state of the eight others still in the caves? I' m a volunteer and soldier from all over the globe and emergency services, while I fight each other in symbol.

Everyone stays optimistic to see what happens next. All over the globe heart and prayer gather around this crew, the game or football crew from Thailand and of course all the saviours who were there. This is an important step towards an internationally recognized work. While we are still showing some of these pictures, just to give you some of the numbers of today's quest, in which eighteen scuba diver were threeteen.

We' re aliens, five Thai Navy SEALs, ten of these scuba diver took the guys beyond part of the escort you see the whole wide globe unit. You' re in Thailand. As Judy tells us, what the Thai officers tell us, we know that there is now a small break in the activities as they refill the caves.

I got four guys out, all the reporters where they were. There' s so much pleasure in sherry's applause. About how the whole wide globe came together to get these guys off this case. Maybe boring boreholes to free the young from the caverns is a long way off, but in the end.

Two, he ruled that the best way to get the guys out It was not sustainable because it would take a while to set up or lower, and it will take a while to find it slowly, which is the best one. We have Judy Cho living in Thailand, thank you very much.

Many of our spectators asked the complex subsoil and the rooms through which these young people went to get there. I' ll tell you the guys and their football trainer are in on it. Wild Boortz football club. Dignity in this den from now and then and it would take lessons in there former Vermont trainer he would be.

Join the guys in meditation and it was a teambuilding adventure that was there before, but what was happening that day on June 23. Not only from the doorway but also from other small canals in the floor, the surface of the river rose and the young people realized that they did not come out the way they did when their door was slashed.

Clear some rubble and open the blankets with submerged jack-hammers to make this trip feasible for these young ones, many of whom can barely swimm. So, to get more perspectives, the way it was. Cowering all the while. rescued by a bunch of dives who are totally worn out.

Well, I think so. The Cisco is tough by right now they are canning factory-canteen it' s come through to get any outfit. To the guys are, but it gives you a feeling of how high the rooms are and only imagining when this whole thing is inundated. There is a net for the diver and we have gone through our.

Well Tulsa we know what it's like a letterhead but there' a tidy base here that's very slippery. It' very slick. There is a large compartment here, right here, this is a kind of well, this is what they are talking about when there is a compartment that could be a really small passageway for a whole series of paths.

and all the men and women who have been part of this salvation. Tens and tens of consultants can see how difficult it is. They' ve basically used Robert, it's the rule and the cam does its part to surf, but all these scuba diver and were annoyed about their 400 group. It'?s tough to say, OK, just think of it for 12.

There is a turnoff to the lefthand side, which is now visible. Right. That'?s how it is for the scuba diver. the whole tunnels these scuba diver make. Over the next few nights, and the shooter in the cave outside Thailand.

Thanks to Matt Gutman and his team down in the caverns, who gave us a feeling for what the guys down there had to do. They' re in Thailand and the emergency teams had to take a rest to refill the air supply and other gear in this cavern.

They are still making progress, however, saying that they are ahead of the timetable with the recovery missions. He' ll continue to take out the eight guys and their football coaches. I' m with Johnson for this particular report on the Thai bailout.

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