What Fox say

Fuchs says

The trend "What Does the Fox Say" is abhorrent to me. A Popularity Analysis of'What Does the Fox Say? What Does the Fox Say" is an abomination to me. What does the Fox Say" was a YouTube sensational for the unconscious, which became a smash hit not only on air but also on the air. YouTube' s 556,144,621 viewpoints and the track itself remained on the poster wall 100 for the second half of 2013.

Yes, the tape was published on September 3, 2013, which means that I am more than two years too slow to make a statement and that my commentary is even seen as somewhat "timely" or "relevant". "What Does the Fox Say" was done by the Norvegian cartoon couple Ylvis for a while on their talkshow.

I' m not saying that I thought the tape was serious, but I think that this tape and many other works by Ylvis, which are presented in English, are nothing more than badly mixed up gibberish, which is intended to make them known by giving in to an US public.

But only because it's trying to be. This exaggeratedly serious supply of "dog goes woof" coupled with the pop and classy instruments makes it clear that this is a funny confrontation. It' definitely ridiculous and has a light catchy tune, but I'm not sure why it would please them.

Somebody may like it as a legit tune, and while it may be fun to think of it, it wouldn't be fun for the audience, but they would think it's good. Most of the folks liked it ironic and pretended it was a great laugh. They all thought they were subversives when they shouted the words from the bottom of their hearts and thought: "I like this tune, but nobody else does it, it's hilarious", or "this tune is so stupid, but we dance to it, it's hilarious", or "people think it's fun that they dance to a stupid tune, it's hilarious", their faces shine with a self-confident smile when their minds were emptied of self-confidence to create the notion of pleasure....

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