What else does the Fox say

And what else does the Fox say?

""The Fox" on YouTube. Other animals are similar, sometimes overwhelming. They' re relatively quiet compared to other foxes. The Fox (Inspirational Journal, diary, notebook): Like others said, it's a book of song, but what else could it be?

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It is Ylvis'What Does the Fox Say' with another virus hits over nodes.

These same boys who were telling us what the Fox is saying are back with an also enigmatic new track and footage about knotting. It' entitled "The Trucker's Hitch", and what is not unimaginable is that the comedies from Norway, Ylvis, have captured another virus sensational. In 2013, Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker, the people behind TVNorge, conquered the globe with "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?"), a track about the twittering of beasts that has collected 448 million viewpoints on YouTube in one year.

In" The Trucker's Hitch" we find out that a technical tricky ropes-node keeps Bard and Vegard awake at nights and they have to scream their frustrations from the top of a woodland look-out or from a small sailing boat. Ylvis learns the ways of "The Trucker's Hitch" through intensive studies - thanks to a large text book about nodes and an on-line instruction videos, which is led by a knot-binding moustache artist.

While we, "people of the world", recognize that "the moment has come for us to make this node once and for all", the tune changes from a traditional Norse twinang to a full-fledged dancing album. Now before you shook your brain and told me a lump, think of an easier moment to worry about what kind of noise a fox could make.

So, we did the fox song."

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