What does the word Muse mean

Wh-what does the word muse mean?

When I saw Muse live last night, I went home and listened to her on my stereo. Muse comes from the Latin M?sa, which in turn comes from the Greek Mousa. Muse comes from the Latin M?sa, which in turn comes from the Greek Mousa.

You define a muse (verb) and get synonyms. Most of the muses can also be found, but much rarer than the muses.


The MUSE, as in the past, is why writers in antiquity, as in antiquity, call for the help of the Muse or Muse, or in other words, the magic of the poet. O Musen, what muse for Granville can forbid herself to be sung? In-depth thinking; attentive attentiveness or reflection that abstract the intellect from temporary sequences; hence sometimes lack of intellect.

Like in the great muse, not a word to a beast. To squeeze or to speak with your mouth pressed together. This last verse is part of a tone expressed through the nostrils or with narrow limbs, or from the same line, L. musitatio. First and foremost, the word refers to what we call buzzing, buzzing, as people do when idling or alone and constantly.

For reflection, for reflection, for studying in stillness. I' m thinking about the work of your hand. Absence; being so busy in studying or contemplating that no temporary scene or things can be observed. Don't worry about me. A MUSE, v.t. To think, to reflect.

MU' SEFUL, a. Think deep or narrow; silent thought. MU' SING, n. Meditation; Congregation.


Princeton's WordNet(2. 00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition: "I pondered the afternoons' events"; "Philosophers have been speculating about the issue of God for millennia"; "The scholar must stop observing and begin to excogitate" Wiktionary(3. 50 / 2 voices)Rate this definition: By Muse, by Musa, by ?????.

Jeremiah Webster Dictionary(2. 50 / 2 votes)Rate this definition: Freebase (0. 00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Muse/Muse is an British skirt group based in Teignmouth, Devon, founded in 1994. Keyboarder and percussion player Morgan Nicholls has been performing with the group since their 2006 Black Holes and Revelations record was released.

Muses are known for their high-energy and flamboyant performance and their merger of many musical styles, among them Cosmic Skirt, Moving Rocks, Alternate Skirt, Hard Bass, Classic and Electric. Muse have published six album studios: In the course of their histories, Muse have also won a number of musical prizes, among them five MTV Europe Musik Awards, six Q Prizes, eight NME Prizes, two British "Best British Live Act" prizes twice, one MTV Video Musik Award, four Kerrang!

and an American Music Award. In addition, they were shortlisted for five Grammy Prizes, winning the Best Rock record for their fifth recording The Resistance. Muse has released over 15 million copies around the world. Chameleon's 20 Century Dictionary (0. 00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Editor Contribution(0. 00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:

Recommended Resources(0. 00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: muse words -- Discover a wide range of words listed by muse on the Lyrics.com website. The MUSE? Discover the different meaning of the abbreviation MUSE on the website Abbreviations.com. Our innermost muse is our own inner baby.

As Barbara Tuchman puts it: "For a historyian, a library is nourishment, accommodation and even a muse. Great splendour is a muse for the spirit, a great spirit a muse for the souls.

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