What does the Fox say Song

The Fox Song

Says the Fox? Video. I' m THRILLED with this book, it's the song with illustrations that is unparalleled. What does the Fox say? If they only ask what the Fox says and never how he feels.

She decided to concentrate her song and video on the sound of a fox.

The Fox, what does he say? DeGeneres knows.

The irresistible silly song "The Fox" with the memorable choir "What Does the Fox Say", played by the Norvegian Brother Vegard and Bård Ylvisåke, who appear as Ylvis (pronounced "Ill-vis"). It spells out what certain creatures say -- "cow goes low, croaking frogs go croaking" -- and then the song lets down the mysterious quiz of " what does the fox say " before it answers its own questions with a rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat of funny nonsensical silences.

"Not much about Norway, but I guess it' s where cannabis is legal," Ellen DeGeneres crackled on her chat show on Thursday after hearing the song. On Friday DeGeneres took the band to their talkshow to play the hot song in their studios - and to get some insider information about the song.

So, we thought, OK, if we give them a shittide, and we'd take them back to the talkshow in Norway and say,'Sorry folks, we had our windows, we could have made a big smash, but we blew it and made a song about a fox, I'm sorry.

The DeGeneres had to train them to make the absurd noises the fox is supposed to make before they could make them do it. "Folks, they are reading the text and they go like a bell, but you have to..... if you want to do it, you really have to put a little bit of affection (into them)," Bård said, before you start into a high level of the " RINGADINGADINGADINGADING " music.

They can assess for themselves whether DeGeneres has fulfilled this function.

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