What does the Fox say Clip

The Fox Clip

This was used in an advertisement for the Fox Network with clips of FOX programs and actors singing the song. Here is a series of clipart inspired by the song What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis. The Fox, an animated story by Ylvis using'The Fox' music video

Twintrash's animator Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten have developed "What Does The Fox Say", an animation narrative inspired by the film " The Fox " by the two Norwegians Ylvis. Twintrash's brief remake, which can be listened to in the movie, can be downloaded from Soundcloud. Subscribe to get a free e-mail every day with all our published blogs.

Everybody used to buy Ylvis''The Fox' Halloween costume this year

Halloween is something you can say to tens of millions upon tens of billions of people. As a matter of fact, one shopkeeper allegedly says that Fox suit purchases have increased nearly 40% since Halloween 2012. This seems low, considering that there was no Fox costume-deteriorating movie with more than 133 million viewpoints on YouTube last year.

We also know The Roots'?uestlove, who was in Ylvis' improvised drumming show for Jimmy Fallon's Long night with Jimmy Fallon, already has his suit.

Things the Fox say about Clip Art Pack

Here is a series of clipart based on the Ylvis track What Does The Fox Say. You can use these clipart to create funny resource for your group or to resell them here and at similar places on the Internet. This package contains 5 pictures of a fox and one of the other birds referred to in the music.

We have 16 pictures, both in colour and in monochrome, in two different formats, making a grand total of 64 pictures. And balloons. I' ve also recorded balloons in colour and monochrome. They say: "What does the fox say" and "That ______ works ______". Colour and monochrome pictures are part of this clipart kit.

There are some details in the monochrome pictures, so they are not just plain monochrome lines, but there is a lot of room to colour them. This is not grayscale image. The pictures can be used to sale goods, such as IWB and other electronic articles.

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